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If you have always dreamt of studying abroad, this year might be your moment to take that step forward and finally accomplish this goal. Studying one semester in a different university and making the right choice, is not an easy task and there are many factors to take into account. Nevertheless, this will be a very enriching experience that will expand your horizons and open your mind in many ways.

Furthermore, it is a wonderful opportunity to learn and explore different cultures and to either become bilingual or learn a new language. When it comes to deciding where to go, bear in mind that there is no perfect destination and that each city will have its pros and cons depending on your expectations but you should not forget to ask yourself the following:

• Is this programme offered through your university? If not, how will your credits transfer?

• Will you receive any scholarships or financial aid?

• How easy is it to move around the city of your choice? Are distances walkable or is public transport efficient?

• How is the cost of living compared to your hometown?

• Do you speak the language of the country you want to go to? If not, how easy you think it will be for you to get by?

• Is it a safe city?

• How are students housed in this programme? Will you be living with a host family? Or in a student residency? Even though the latter might sound more fun, the former is the best way to immerse both in the language and culture of your new country.

• How easy is it to move around to different cities or countries for your weekend trips? Are there any interesting locations nearby?

• If studying abroad is also a further step to relocating to a foreign country for good, you should choose the country even more carefully. Evaluate what the working opportunities are in your sector in that country compared to your own, and analyse how viable it will be for you to stay there after studying for a semester.

Whatever your choice is, with some proper research beforehand, studying abroad might be one of your best life experiences and you will meet people and learn things you will remember forever.




Our hands-on approach comes from our many years of working in bigger agencies, where lots of layers and red tape sometimes got in the way of the work.  we believe that good things happen when the clients and the people actually doing the work talk to each other. Which is why our clients have direct access to our  team Thinkers, Designers and Writers.

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Sales: We sell products and services to businesses of all sizes through various marketing channels and divisions.
Sales are processed through multiple channels consisting of website sales, internet sites, direct marketing catalogs, call center and outbound telephone account management; all supported by our network of supply chain and delivery operations in the Pune and Mumbai.

Field Sales: Businesses use multiple channels to promote products and services to prospective customers. Not all businesses have their own field sales team, who through face-to-face contact are able to engage with customers and make sales. That may be because of the high cost of recruiting and running a proprietary sales team or because they don’t have the skills. Equally clients might choose us because they want to test demand or run a tactical acquisition campaign for a specified duration.

Direct Selling : Fulcrum is the best marketing platform for bringing together the leading digital marketing competence with the best-in-class marketing solutions for direct selling and increasing sales. direct consumer selling method to reduce distribution costs because they have plentiful facilities to sell directly to their consumers. A manufacturer can sell goods to the consumers by opening his retail shop in mills site or by mail house to house selling or by engaging salespeople or by using advanced mechanical devices.

Door to door sales : Door-to-door sales is a low cost distribution channel, and is an effective way to gain more return on investment. It secures increased value with minimum spend, allowing access to a customer base which is not always reached by existing marketing strategies. Through Door to Door sales, customers can choose the most suitable deals, especially because they have a chance to ask questions and have the offering clarified by our qualified sales experts.

Sales Staff: Our team of skilful and detail-focussed sales and marketing professionals offer our Principal Suppliers and their brands dependable and sustainable long-term growth and profitability. From brand managers to area managers and knowledgeable in-store staff, we act as  of our clients’ brands, ensuring the very best representation. We do more than the average distributor; together with our in-house team and our preferred partners, we also provide the very best in media, digital, marketing, advertising and field services.

B2B Sales: We do things differently by focussing more on digging deep into the detail and finding continual improvements to pursue service and value excellence. Our established expertise and authentic B2B Sales relationship building with our stakeholders offers our clients complete confidence in our management, infrastructure, support, advice and innovation.

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