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Design custom forms and deploy to mobile devices for fast, efficient, and reliable mobile data collection and vendor sing up, Data Collections For Apps. Quickly deploy  field staff for fast  data collection or vendor sing up. Fulcrum can help you become more efficient, productive, & profitable in the field.

Fulcrum Powers All Phases of Your Data collection or vendor sing up Lifecycle

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   Data Collections For Apps

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Monitor Productivity
Offline Data Collection online Data Collection

Data Events
Team Roles
Custom Form Builder

Real-Time Tracking
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Rich Media Collection
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Secure Data

Data Collections For Apps

Managing field services for Merchant Acquiring Business

Merchant Acquiring operations for Ecommerce website and payment gateway
Merchant Evaluation Onboarding and Documentation
initialization and deployment
Charge back and Dispute management
Involve in chargeback handling by discussing with merchant, bank and payment networks.
Managing Day to Day Merchant Acquiring operations adhering to regulations/guidelines

Promote and present to merchants, retailers and other entities in india to acquire new business partners.
• Maintain merchants relationships to ensure continual growth and sales targets.
• The Executive Manager must be pleasantly assertive and bring to the team lots of energy and enthusiasm, thrive on challenges and must be able to develop a dynamic team over time.
• Leverage prospect and contract new merchants and partners by presenting the appropriate for the business.
• Create, develop and implement a business plan to grow the business.
• Create sales schedules for the servicing team and follow up and present results to head office.
• Build and manage the relationships of key accounts.
• Generate, maintain and increase business opportunities with existing merchants.
• Train the merchant staff on the your products.
• Sell and service your products to merchants.
• Develop and grow sales and support team.
• Manage and regularly update project planning and create projections using all means including spread sheets.
• Support the business in any way as requested to ensure its effective operation.
• Design, create and supply business proposals to merchants.
• Design, create and present PowerPoint or other presentations as needed to close deals.
• Undertake office administrative duties as required in conjunction with - operations.
• General office duties and support the local business in any way to ensure the office is efficiently and effectively operated.

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