How has money evolved throughout history? | Marketing Agency in pune

Paradoxically, money is worth nothing in itself. It´s just coins and pieces of paper with historic images printed on them that serve as a payment method and a unit of measurement. Money allows people to buy goods and services and enables a storehouse for wealth for future purchases. But, has money always been the same? How has it evolved? How is it used today? Let´s take a brief journey throughout its history:

10000 BC

Humans soon figure out a bartering system to be able to trade amongst them: a cow for a chicken, some milk for eggs… but soon they realized of the difficulties. You had to find the people who had what you wanted and who needed what you had to trade.

3000 BC

This was the time when the first type of banks appeared in history at some temples and palaces in the Mesopotamian region, which offered grain loans to farmers and traders who carried goods between cities.

1200 BC

The first type of currency was originated in China and was called cowrie. This is a seashell and was soon adopted by the rest of the world. Some African nations used it into the 19th century. Another early currency was salt, commonly used by soldiers as a payment method and the origin of the word salary. Romans and Greek also made use of this mineral as a payment method.

630 BC

Now was time for the first coins to appear. These were made in nowadays Turkey of a mixture of gold and silver and were pretty big and heavy. The Greek and Romans were once again responsible for the generalized use of these coins across the globe

1000 AD

The Chinese were the first in using paper money and Sweden was the first country in Europe to print money. The rest of the continent followed its example quickly.


United States was responsible for the use of the first bankcard in 1946, which was a precedent of credit boom.


Online shopping appeared in the 90´s and revolutionized the way people bought and consumed. Thanks to online paymentspeople could buy with just a click without moving from home.


The growth of the Internet also led to the appearance of bitcoins amid the international financial crisis. But this virtual money, invented by Japanese Shatoshi Nakamoto, still remains a mystery for many.




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