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guest writers/contributed content

The Businessballs website features many serious reference articles, training/learning materials, and other resources which have been produced in collaboration with experts in the subjects concerned.

Opportunities for ‘guest writers’ and ‘contributed articles’ are mainly where the subject is of substantial relevance to work/life learning and development, especially a theory or concept or methodology which is not already featured on the website, and the writer is an expert in the field concerned.

Businessballs is not a blogging website, and so does not publish ‘blog-type’ articles. Nor do we publish articles whose main purpose is ‘SEO’ (search engine optimization).

Besides the above, there are several sections of the website which feature smaller contributions, of serious or amusing nature, notably comments on certain theory development/application, the history and origins of certain concepts, ideas, terminology, etc., and contributions to glossaries and other collections and listings, for example acronyms, and original ‘glass half-full/empty’ quotes.

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