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Product Sampling

    As part of our portfolio of retail and event support services, Fulcrum have a specialist division (Fulcrum engage) for delivering product demonstration and product sampling.

    We create engaging communications with consumers through memorable, face-to-face experiences and a try before you buy approach, performing live product demonstrations, communicating key messages and handing out samples in key locations.Our team can deliver a try-before-you-buy experience to consumers on location, handing out free samples, engaging with the public and raising awareness of new products


    Our services often include:

    • In store demonstrations
    • In store promotion marketing
    • In store theatre
    • Experiential displays
    • Brand activation
    • Field sales
    • Day one in-store promotions
    • Consumer research


    Our teams are carefully chosen as this is a role with specialist requirements – for example, food hygiene certifications for edible product sampling.  There is a level of salesmanship and showmanship involved and you can be sure our teams will be bubbly and approach.

    Consumer Research

    We can deploy teams directly into key areas to gather consumer research and feedback – find out key information about shopping frequency and habits, recorded directly into our system (our mobile data capture system) via tablet.  This can be coupled with trend analysis on feedback for comparison with store performance data and other key metrics in order to add extra insight.

    Product Demonstrations

    For more non-descript products, our team can deliver product demonstrations that illustrate the key benefits and typical user experiences of the product.  We can deliver product demos to both consumers and staff.  Our teams can even record customer insights during interactions and feed them back to the client in real time.

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