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I was just thinking about you, as your name came up several times during sales meeting with a mutual acquaintance. This acquaintance was saying what a great guy and exceptional sales person you are, and stated that they really like your company and it’s products.  I was echoing that sentiment, by saying how much respect I have for you, and how personable you are. So naturally, I was shocked when I checked the visitor sign in book I saw neither your name nor any mention of your company (even though I thumbed back through several weeks of records).

I thought you might like to know that this mutual acquaintance, though quite complementary, was a little bit concerned that they had reached out to you for some help with some very important compliance forms, but had not heard back from you.  Luckily I was able to help them!  They had also mentioned that their business model had changed slightly, and that they needed some adjustments made to the way they were doing business with your organization. Fortunately, I was able to provide them with a web link that quickly solved the problem. Then, according to their records, you are scheduled to come visit them in about three weeks. I would also like to pass on to you, the fact that they said they had some questions about miscellaneous charges that keep showing up on their bills. These charges seem to keep mounting and are beginning to become quite a nuisance, but I’m sure you will address all of this in a few weeks.  Believe me, I know how busy you have been these last few weeks.  However, you have a geographically dispersed territory. No one can hold any of that against you, after all your great guy.

One last thing, this acquaintance was actually your largest customer. And I am the sales professional who represents your competition. Starting today, I have a new largest customer – thank you for being so busy. Next time I see you, the drinks are on me! You really are great.

Anyone from the least experienced telemarketer to the most experienced sales manager can tell you that this story is NOT fiction. All too often we take our eye off of the ball with our most precious commodity, (our customers) in favor of a myriad of other responsibilities. One way to stay in front of your customer, even when you can’t physically be there is to send an online sales presentation through e-mail, it allows you personalized contact one-on-one with key decision-makers so you can stay connected. If you are managing your customers properly, you will not miss out on new business development opportunities, and equally important you’ll keep your competition out.

For some sales training on exactly what types of online presentations to send please check back with this blog over the next few weeks. Also, if you have any selling tips or sales techniques for the most effective way to stay connected with your prospects and customers please let us know.

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