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5 tips for hiring the best brand ambassadors

    1. Those who fit your target demographic

    Ensuring your target demographic is mirrored in your BAs is essential. The consumer will feel comfortable to speak with the BA right away, and will be more likely to take the time to consider what they have to say because people connect with similar people.

    2. The social butterflies

    People connect with people, especially when they are authentic, genuine, and relatable. Find BAs that spark conversation with ease and can charm just about anyone. Friendly, kind, and charismatic are qualities that are mandatory to have when it comes to representation. People trust recommendations and opinions of people that they connect with.

    3. People with reach and resonance

    People with a natural ability to influence their peers are the kind of people you’ll want to hire. Social media influencers are often good options to reach out to if you desire more digital traffic. Otherwise, people that have held leadership positions elsewhere, had marketing or advertising related work, or simply persuasive personalities are traits that are important to look for in a potential BA.

    4. Quick learners with deep understanding

    Your BAs need to know the product or service like the back of their hand. BAs are providing potential customers a valuable experience by allowing them to connect with someone that can answer all questions that may arise, thus creating a greater chance to turn a potential customer into a lifelong customer. Make sure your BAs are armed with as much information as possible, then some, so they are ready to educate your new customers.

    5. People with a passion for your brand

    The best brand ambassador you can have is someone that already has a passion for your brand. It’s hard to fake excitement, so having someone with true and genuine passion for your product will only benefit your company’s sales. Plus, the brand ambassador will be more likely to talk up your products because of their excitement about being a part of your team.

    Our Senior Vice President, Drew McCartt says “Brand ambassadors are imperative to bringing a brand to life and creating a dialogue in a way no other type of marketing can achieve in an honest and authentic way. Nothing compares to one-on-one, face-to-face engagement to drive results.” For more information about how to create a dialogue about your company using brand ambassadors, check out Drew’s interview with Smart Business.

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