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Advertisements Services in Residential Societies

Apartments and housing societies can be an effective target segment for a wide range of consumer products/ services considering that the residents have more or less similar lifestyles and buying patterns. We can help marketers promote their products/ services in such associations to ensure visibility and growth.

From large-scale advertising to small advertisement services in Apartments/Societies, we do it all. Advertisements in apartments and societies are increasingly gaining attention from vendors. It is in fact the best way of advertising if your target group is a specific locality, a particular demographic group etc. Advertisements in apartments and societies include displaying ads on the notice boards, club houses, banners at the entrance, flyer distribution, stalls/kiosks and events within the premises of the any apartments or societies. We help your brand in communicating with the potential clients in an effective manner. We have tied up with several big and small builders across Bangalore. Your ads, our networking!

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