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on-demand staffing solutions Agency in Andheri

    on-demand staffing solutions

    on-demand staffing solutions
    Hire on-demand labor fast.
    On Demand Staffing is a local staffing agency that helps employers and employees through the entire employee life cycle.
    On-demand staffing services allow a company access to workers that meet specific requirements whenever they are needed.
    The most important element in any on-demand staffing solution is the quality of the talent pool. 
    We are  specializing in providing on-demand staffing solutions for the growing gig economy.
    Evaluate Every Candidate.
    While most staffing solutions today screen out candidates, reducing the labor pool, Fulcrum makes the labor pool larger. From verified Workers to vetted Workers with community sourced ratings and reviews, Fulcrum gives businesses access to the largest possible pool of Workers in order to help them find the best candidate for their Gig.
    Fulcrum also gives businesses access to a wide range of Workers with diverse backgrounds and interests. From Workers who are freelancing part-time or full-time, to Workers who are supplementing their income, to retirees, or students who simply want to do more of what they love, Fulcrum has Workers across 3,000+ skills.
    On Demand Consultants | 
    Staffing & Hiring Solution
    Quickly fill shifts, scale your workforce, or place extra hands on deck with Get Workers.
    Get Workers connects you to local, skilled workers. Instantly connect to hourly Shift,
    The right people, right at your fingertips. Find, manage, and connect with qualified workers ready to work on-demand.
    Benefits of Working with On Demand Staffing
    On Demand Staffing is a local staffing agency that helps employers and employees through the entire employee life cycle. We are part of a comprehensive workforce solutions organization that works to create successful workforce strategies.
    Hands all piled into one group handshake
    Universal Approach
    Staffing is just one part of a series of successful workforce strategies. Because our company has expertise in all stages of the employee life cycle, our clients achieve greater results than with a traditional staffing firm.
    Hand working on a computer
    Relevant Resources
    Not only do our clients benefit from having access to other workforce solutions, but also our staffing division leverages these resources during recruiting, selection, placement and ongoing assessment.
    on-demand staff Training
    we offer training, certification and help along every step of your employment journey. This hands-on approach guides you to the perfect job or employee match. From temporary staffing, to direct hire and everything in between, ODSS is your partner for finding the most qualified and knowledgeable employees for your open positions.
    From training and testing, to job placement and follow-up, On Demand Staffing Service’s mission is to provide successful workforce solutions where people are prepared for what is next in today’s changing work force.
    Peace of Mind
    Our workforce solutions contain both comprehensive expertise and an established track record. Clients can have the peace of mind that they have made the right choice for their staffing partner.
    We find passionate employees for your business.
    We are a staffing agency that helps train, certify and prepare job seekers before they are even on the job.
    Local Staffing Agency
    Both the needs of our clients and employees are met with a 360-degree service.
    On Demand Staffing Services is ready to handle any recruiting assignment. We will find and screen the right people whether that be for a direct hire, temporary, long term temporary, or on call position. You might have individuals and need outsourcing coverage of sick days, maternity leaves, vacation time or last-minute needs that become necessary to fill. 
    Hourly Shift Gigs
    Hire skilled workers to complete hourly shift gigs.
    Part/Full-time Positions
    Advertise your open positions on the Fulcrum job board
    Managed services staffing
    Tell us who you're looking for and we'll do the rest.
    Get Workers provides you with instant access to a pool of over 482,000+ pre-vetted and insured Shift Gig workers. See how easy it is to start sourcing applicants for your next Shift Gig by creating a free Get Workers account today:
    Find trustworthy candidates
    Get instant access to thousands of skilled workers, right at your fingertips. 
    we want to make sure you have an easy way to re-hire the workers you love.
    Post FREE hourly Shift Gigs
    Create free Shift Gig posts to source hourly workers ASAP or up to 30 days in advance. Whether you need a worker immediately or in weeks, Get Workers instantly connects you with local workers.
    Hire insured workers
    Every Fulcrum Shift Gig worker is automatically protected by Occupational Accident Insurance (OAI). OAI covers Fulcrum Workers for injuries that happen while they are logged into the Fulcrum app and performing on-demand services. OAI protects you and your company and reduces liability risk.
    Match to 3,000+ worker skills
    Find the right worker for your Gig by matching their skills to your needs. With more than 3,000 available skills, our app will help surface qualified candidates who have experience aligned to your Gig request.
    Find trustworthy candidates
    Hire Verified Workers who have completed Checkr background checks or motor vehicle record checks, or use our community-vetted profiles containing worker ratings, reviews, and work history to ensure you find the most qualified and trustworthy candidate for your Gig. Every Shift Gig worker is protected by our One Hour Worker Guarantee, which means you can find and hire your first Gig Worker with absolutely no strings attached.
    Manage workers from start to finish
    Use Auto-Hire Workers to save time
    Want Fulcrum to hire workers on your behalf? As long as you have enough applicants on your Gig 24 hours before its start time, we will automatically hire workers for you. Use this free feature to save time during the hiring process.
    Source workers from Worker Groups
    After you’ve paid a Shift Gig worker you can add them to your Worker Groups to make rehiring them easier. You can favorite workers or build Custom Worker Groups to categorize workers based on their availability, tools, skill sets, and more. Save time and improve your show and fill rates by using Worker Groups to your hiring advantage.
    Communicate directly with workers
    Find the right worker for your Gig with in-app messaging. You can contact workers before and during your Gig to confirm their skillset, availability, and progress throughout your Gig lifecycle.
    Manage workers from start to finish
    Once a Gig has been started, you can easily track your worker’s status. You’ll be able to see when the worker is en-route, working, paused, or finished with your Gig. In addition, you can review photos uploaded by the worker to monitor your Gig progress and confirm the Gig has been completed to your satisfaction.
    Hiring Companies
    Tell us about your hiring needs
    If you are one of the many hiring companies in the area, submit your job opening online or call us. Our recruiting specialists will take the time to listen and evaluate the skills, experience and company culture you require. We are committed to finding employees who are the best fit for your company and your needs.
    Your staffing options
    On Demand Staffing Services recruiting specialists are equipped to provide a selection of highly skilled professionals and can provide you with temporary, long-term and short-term staffing solutions. Is a staffing agency expensive? Not On Demand! Our staffing agency can SAVE you money, call us and we will show you.
    Review and select candidates
    Finding employees who are the right fit for your role is our top priority. We are a staffing agency that provides qualified employees ready to work. Our recommendations will be tailor-made to the distinctions of your role and business. Once you select your ideal employee, we will coordinate all aspects of the recruiting process, working hard to ensure a smooth start for you and your new employee.
    Service that keeps you happy
    Your satisfaction with your hiring experience is what differentiates On Demand Staffing Services. As recruiting specialists, we are committed to the highest level of customer service, and we back it up with a satisfaction guarantee. The time and attention we put toward communication, expert advice and recruiting support is provided on your terms, during and after the hiring process.
    Employees ready to work for any hiring companies
    Direct Hire
    On Demand Staffing Services works directly with our candidates and places them with companies who intend to hire them directly. Companies in turn utilize our services in order to find the right candidate for their organization. We are a staffing agency that works diligently through the screening process for new hires. We offer 100% guarantees for the candidates we place through our direct hiring process.
    Temporary Staffing
    Temporary staffing meets the short-term needs of hiring companies. In temporary staffing, On Demand Staffing Services helps companies fill positions made vacant by their absent employees or assists in supplementing the existing staff during peak times of operation.
    Temporary staffing allows for flexibility within the workplace for both candidate and company. Candidates are able to engage and learn within a variety of working environments. Companies are able to observe and also have their needs met for a specific length of time.
    Long-Term Temporary
    At on Demand Staffing Services, we define a long-term temporary position as a position within a company’s organization that is longer than three months. During this time, our hiring companies observe the competence of the contingent worker in the their daily assignments and interacts within the client’s company culture and environment.
    At On Demand Staffing Services our Payrolling program can be an invaluable extension of our clients’ human resources department’s recruiting program. Payrolling is when a client recruits and hires an employee on their own but then places the employee with our service.
    Frequently, Payrolling is used when our client’s lengthy and rigorous hiring process takes an extended period of time, and the client needs the employee to start working immediately. Or, our client hires an employee and places the employee on our payroll because the duration of the work is minimal. Our system is what helps us stand out as a top recruiting specialist and staffing agency in our area.
    Reconcile your Gig expenses
    Only pay for completed work
    Once your Gig has reached completion, Fulcrum will automatically pay your worker based on the agreed upon Gig rate. Fulcrum charges a small service fee (as low as 25% of the total Gig compensation) based on the type of worker you choose to hire.
    Pay securely through the app
    Fulcrum reduces the burdens that come with traditional payment processing, like lengthy paperwork, by automatically facilitating all worker payments once the Gig is completed.
    Evaluate and retain top talent
    Find a Gig worker you love? Great! With Fulcrum you can try out workers before committing to them. Once you find a great worker, you can hire them directly for a small direct hire fee.
    Reconcile your Gig expenses
    With reporting, you have a concise view into the payment details on every completed Gig, by worker or by transaction. We make it easy for you to understand every charge on all your Gigs.
    Our staffing support team is here to help you find skilled Workers for your next Gig. Sign up today to get help hiring your next Worker.
    Contact us with additional questions, we offer tailored programs to meet the needs of both our candidates and clients who choose to partner with On Demand Staffing Services.

    on-demand staffing solutions Agency in Andheri


    on-demand staffing solutions Agency in Andheri

    About Andheri

    About Andheri East

    The largest and most densely populated suburb of Mumbai, Andheri started developing as early as 1915. This locality, situated on the west of Mumbai, on the Salsette Island, has the busiest railway station in the country. Andheri’s contribution to the country as a major industrial hub cannot be denied. Both the sections – Andheri East and Andheri West have a number of industrial and commercial centres.
    Andheri East is mostly known for being an industrial and commercial hub. Despite that, there are plenty of residential colonies here. The people settling down here are mostly from middle-class background and the residential areas are cheaper than those in the more upscale western neighbourhood. Andheri West is almost entirely residential, with most of the communities here being dominated by Parsi households and luxury apartments and villas. It is more posh than Andheri East, and the property prices are higher.
    The Andheri skyline is dotted with skyscrapers and high-rises. The most common property type is multi-storeyed apartments, with a few bungalows scattered here and there as remnants of Andheri’s rich Parsi heritage. The road network in Andheri is extensive, with broad roads, connecting it to every part of the city. Like the rest of Mumbai, life in Andheri is fast paced. The heavy flow of traffic and the number of malls and shopping centres in Andheri, makes it the first choice of many young Indians, who want to experience a happening city life.

    Key Projects in Andheri East :

    Kanakia Rainforest

    Connectivity and transit points

    Being a part of MMR, Andheri enjoys excellent rail connectivity. The Andheri railway station lies on the Mumbai Suburban Railway. The residents of Andheri mostly use the western line of the Mumbai Suburban Rail network for daily commutation. The harbour line, which is a part of the central line, connects Andheri station with Panvel and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport Terminus.
    The road network in Andheri is excellent. The Versova Causeway or the Versova Road connects Andheri with Versova. The two major arterial roads that run through Andheri are the Madhavdas Amarsey Road (M.A. Road) and the S.V. Road. Andheri is connected to further off areas like Borivali via the new link road.

    Major Landmarks

    The major landmarks in Andheri that sets it apart are –


    Zoroastrian Parsi Fire Temple
    Santacruz Electronics and Export Promotion Zone (SEEPZ)
    Andheri Sports Complex
    Gilbert Hill
    Mahakali Caves

    Factors for growth in the past

    Being located in the business capital of India, Andheri definitely enjoys the advantage of being home to a number of commercial and industrial hubs. The best example of these would be Saki Naka and MIDC-SEEPZ. The easy connectivity with the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is another added advantage that Andheri enjoys.
    Developments in Andheri go back to the early nineties, when people from other states and colonies started migrating to Bombay. Andheri, which was previously dominated by the Parsi colonies, started to see rapid urbanisation under the influence of the subsequent colonisation.
    But the real development in Andheri started when a number of film studios and companies were set up in Andheri. This period started from 1935 and lasted till 1980, during which Andheri was the hub of the Bollywood film industry.
    One important infrastructure project, the Western Express Highway, which passes through east Andheri, connects this locality with suburbs like Bandra, Goregaon, Kandivili, Borivali and Dahisar. It then continues on to be the Delhi-Mumbai National Highway. Being located on such an important route, Andheri real estate continues to flourish under the constant traffic along this road.
    Another project improving the connectivity in Andheri is the recently completed Ghatkopar – Andheri – Versova corridor of the Mumbai Metro. This has proven to be a boon for commuters, as it reduces their traveling time from one and a half hours to less than thirty minutes.


    Residential and Commercial Market

    Although both parts of Andheri have thriving real estate markets, there are some differences between these two markets.
    The real estate market in Andheri East is distributed equally between residential and commercial properties. This locality claims a lower price rate than its western counterpart. Generally the properties in Andheri East are for middle class and upper class homebuyers. The properties favoured by these buyers are smaller, more compact apartment types, generally 1 or 2 BHKs, whose price range is Rs 10,400 – Rs 14,100 per sq. ft.
    The locality of Andheri West can be identified as a posh and upscale neighbourhood, with the residents comprising of all the elites of the film and TV industry, and globally successful business personalities. They prefer larger apartments or villas (3 or 4 BHKs). There are no industrial areas here; strictly residential locality, and the price range lies between Rs 16,550 – Rs 25,100 per sq. ft.


    Major Challenges

    Traffic Problems: The areas that are most affected by traffic problems are the Andheri-Kurla road and the Andheri station. The Andheri station has a footfall of more than 6 lakhs, which has increased since the completion of the Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar metro corridor. This has caused congestion and traffic comes to a standstill on a daily basis.

    Garbage Disposal Problems: Parts of Andheri, especially Andheri West suffer from garbage disposal problems now and then. The agency responsible for the disposal and treatment of waste sometimes fails to pick up the garbage for some days at a stretch, creating extremely unhygienic conditions, especially in localities like Versova, J.P. Road and Lokhandwala.

    About Andheri West

    Andheri West is a popular, lively locality in the city of Mumbai. More affluent when compared to its eastern counterpart, it boasts of scenic sea-side views and landscaped beauty. Most of the property in Andheri West dates back to the early 1940s, with a majority of the residences exuding a sense of olden days. A locality for the elites, it is abode to several TV personalities, which has led to the soaring property values.
    Andheri West differs from its eastern counterpart in many ways. Though Andheri East offers great industrial exposure and swift connectivity, it lacks in basic structure and organisation, something Andheri West takes pride in. The western side of this suburb revels in its green landscapes and calm environment, making it a hot property destination among realtors.
    Primarily a residential catchment, Andheri West boasts of a myriad of amenities to accommodate to the residents’ needs. Situated close to the beach are prime residential complexes with state-of-the-art amenities such as swimming pools, jogging tracks, sports centers, departmental stores, and multiplexes. These include Lokhandwala Complex, Yari Road and Dhake Colony, among several others.
    Catering to the educational needs of youngsters, there are a plethora of eminent educational institutions such as Arya Vidya Mandir School, Bombay Cambridge High School, Sardar Patel College of Engineering and Valia College of Commerce and Arts.


    Key Projects in Andheri West :

    Makwana The Lion Park
    Platinum Heights

    Connectivity and Transit Points

    Andheri is one of the stations on the Western and Harbour Lines of the intricate Mumbai Suburban Railway network, connecting the suburb to major stations like Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Panvel, and other prominent suburbs of the city like Bandra, Santacruz, Vile Parle and Mahim. Stations that are bound for other towns and cities either start at this station or make a halt there. The station is located a mere 4km away from the western part of the suburb.
    The recently operational Line 1 of the Mumbai Metro connects Andheri to Versova in the west and Ghatkopar in the east, enabling hassle-free travel between Western Line and the Central line of the suburban rail via important hubs such as the Airport, Western Express Highway, and the industrial region of Saki Naka.

    Major Landmarks

    â— Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church

    â— Jain Mandir

    â— St Blaise Church

    â— Versova Beach

    â— Gilbert Hill

    â— Andheri Sports Complex


    Factors for Growth in the Past

    The construction of the Versova Causeway in 1940 led to the development of the surrounding areas of Andheri on Shasti Island, and the adjoining islet of Versova. One of the oldest colonies in this locality, the Dhake Colony, comprising five historic buildings, was built in circa 1950.
    The original layup of this area was that of a residential colony, a network of lanes filled with massive bungalows facing the sea. Though the bungalows have given rise to multi-storey apartments over the years, the well-designed layouts with serene views of the sea shore and landscaped green pavements, remains the same.


    Residential & Commercial Market

    The current sale trends for multi-storey apartments in Andheri West fall within the range of Rs 21,500- 22,200 per sq.ft., and that of builder floor apartments fall between Rs 18,200- 22,000 per sq.ft. Rental rates vary from Rs 42-55 per sq.ft. Residential houses in Andheri West may cost anywhere around Rs 18,600- 22, 700 per sq.ft., with rents ranging from Rs 42-48 per sq.ft.
    Current sale trends for commercial space fall within the brackets of Rs 19,000-20,000 per sq.ft., with rental rates ranging from Rs 95-100 per sq.ft.


    Major Challenges

    Problems caused by the perennial congestion on roads along with slow moving traffic adversely affect the residents of Andheri West. Poor lighting, ineffective methods of garbage disposal, and incidents of chain snatching and other petty crimes have also been reported.

    Factors for Growth in the Future

    The operation of Line 1 of the Mumbai Metro, increasing the connectivity between Andheri and other prime localities, has acted as a catalyst in this area’s growth.
    New projects by renowned developers such as Rustomjee Developers, Sheth Developers, Nahar Amrit Shakti, Kani ka Spaces and Hubtown are in the pipeline.
    The future prospects of Andheri West are boundless. The investment in commercial and residential units in this locality will continue to fetch good returns in the near future, leading to unbridled growth and progress.

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