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Brand Activation and Promotion Agencies Create Jobs for Youths in INDIA

    Brand Activation and Promotion Agencies Create Jobs for Youths in INDIA – In a world where joblessness seems to rise with each passing day, we are here to tell you that companies that choose to take on brand activation and carry out promotions for their business are most certainly doing their bit to reduce unemployment statistics in South Africa. If you have had the chance to take a look at the latest job loss statistics for SA on recently, you will realise unemployment is a real concern for South Africans and even more so for young school leavers and university graduates.

    According to, the mining and agricultural industries have been adding new jobs in every quarter, despite the economic situation, yet still we see a growth in unemployment statistics – this can be worrying or seen quite negatively. With this in mind, you might be wondering just how brand activation and promotion agencies can boost the unemployment situation in our country. We are here to tell you how.

    At Tradeway alone, our brand ambassadors and field marketers have taken on and managed over 60 000 brand activations and promotions each year. The planning, preparing for and final carrying out of these promotions creates thousands of promotional job opportunities ideally suited to youths or those just starting out in the job market.

    We provide interested parties with the opportunity to sign up to become promoters or brand ambassadors and teach the necessary skills to those who wish to follow a more permanent career in the field, at our Tradeway Academy.

    In a country where unemployment is on the rise, the advertising and branding industry is swiftly presenting new and exciting job opportunities to the market. Don’t lose hope and buy into negative statistics…look at just how much opportunity this particular industry has to offer.

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