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Delivering a Personalized Experience: Why It Matters

    It’s interesting how always-on the world has become. We live in a hyperconnected world and customers expect brands to educate them on why they should be using their products. Sometimes it can be tough to break through all the noise happening all around us on a daily basis. Customers expect every brand touchpoint to be immediate, personalized and proactive. There should always be consistency, personalization, and contextualization with customer interactions.


    Why Do We Prefer Personalized Experiences?

    According to a recent study from the University of Texas, we attribute our preference for personalized experiences to two key factors: the desire for control and information overload.

    We know that personalized experiences by nature are in some way different from the status quo. You’re not simply getting what everyone else is getting when it’s personalized. With personalized experiences, you’re getting something that’s tailored to your interests and due to that, it makes you feel more in control.

    Creating a positive effect on the psyche

    Even if this sense of control is an illusion, it’s still powerful and can have a positive effect on the psyche. People who feel an internal sense of control believe that they’re in control of their life outcomes as opposed to believing external forces are responsible. These individuals tend to be healthier physiologically and more successful.

    Another reason that we prefer personalized experiences is that they help reduce the perception of information overload. When you have a personalized experience you aren’t presented with thousands of resources to sort through and consume, instead you are presented with exactly the information you are looking for, and never feel overload.

    Individualized Selections from Mezzetta

    Personalization = Relevance

    When someone isn’t aware that they’re engageing with personalized content, feelings of control and reduced information overload don’t come into play, yet research confirms that people prefer personalization, even if unaware they’re experiencing it. Personalized content is more relevant and we are naturally more inclined to engage with information that we find relevant and interesting.

    T-Shirt Customization Area at the Google Allo Activation

    Ultimately great experiences come down to making people feel good about whatever it is that they’re doing, and there’s a science to it. The better you understand your consumer, the easier it will be to personalize their experience and create a long-lasting impression.

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