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Digital Content Strategy

Digital Content Strategy

Digital content can be a major driver behind your revenue growth and brand’s awareness over time. For that to happen, you need to begin with a strong content strategy that addresses several key areas.


As with any other marketing effort, it’s vital that you know to whom you’re targeting your message. Everything from the language you speak to the specific level of vocabulary and technical terms stems from who you’re speaking to. For brands with broad audiences, content should be segmented to serve focused audience segments and specific funnel stages.


Effective content goes far beyond the website. In fact, content is a core part of an effective digital media strategy. You should closely evaluate your online presence and list the platforms that your content will be shared or posted on. Each platform has its unique overall tone and user demographic. You should address these variables as you create content and in your content framework.

Desired Results

We’ve mentioned that content should be developed for each stage of the marketing funnel. This means that the desired action of various pieces of content can vary. When you develop your content strategy you’ll need to address the actions users should take at each stage and be sure to build content that’s appropriate to drive that action.


While content’s cost can be far less than traditional advertising, great content doesn’t come free. Writers, editors, and content promotion all have associated costs. Establishment of a clear content budget will help you decide which types of content to pursue and develop a reliable content schedule.


Prior to publishing content, you should have established a way to measure how users interact with it. This includes impressions, shares, and conversions. Measurement is a key part of long-term success, and allows you to adjust your content strategy in response to performance.

A digital content strategy allows you to develop a cohesive message centred on your unique value proposition and brand positioning. By developing content that makes the best use of your budget, focuses on a targeted audience, drives users towards a key action, and takes advantage of promotion to key audiences you can leverage content to drive your revenue growth.

ExcelForce content team excels in developing digital content strategies for our clients. We begin with a thorough research process that focuses on understanding your brand and goals. We perform market research and analysis to better understand your target audience, their behaviour, and their platform preferences.

We deliver our findings to you in a comprehensive report, which we use as we move forward with your content strategy. We map out the journey that your clients take through your marketing funnel, and list the key concerns and questions that should be addressed throughout their journey. Once this is done we can develop an overall content strategy that includes content for each platform and funnel stage, along with specific measurable KPIs for each piece of content.

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