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Social Media Services

Social Media Services

Nearly all internet users are on one or more social media platform. Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram give brands the opportunity to pro-actively engage with consumers on a regular basis, building brand authority and awareness while driving website traffic and revenue. ExcelForce complete suite of social media services is designed to meet all of your social media marketing needs.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media requires effective planning and thorough execution to be successful. At ExcelForce we specialise in developing social media strategies that support your overall marketing strategy, drive towards business goals, and address the unique nature of each social platform. We perform in-depth research that helps you focus on the right platforms, leverage your content effectively, and drive your revenue growth while maximising your budget.

Social Media Consultancy

If you’re looking for someone to review your current social media strategy and make targeted suggestions, then you’ve come to the right company. We’d be happy to review how you’re handling social media today and help you develop a forward-moving strategy that will improve your results. We can help you develop campaigns, measure the success of your existing efforts, and offer supportive advice to help you drive improved results using social media.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns are a fantastic way to drive brand awareness, engagement, and website traffic. We can help you design, manage, and optimise your paid and free social media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and hundreds of other platforms.

Social Media Community Management

Social Media is a two-way communications mechanism. We can help you build, manage, and leverage your communities on social media to drive revenue growth. By leveraging content, engaging with your audience, and responding to negativity, we can help you establish and enhance your brand’s authority using social media.

Social Content Creation & Marketing

Content can boost brand awareness, draw valuable traffic to your website, and fill your marketing funnel with qualified leads. ExcelForce internal creative team specialises in designing and creating content that aligns with your overall marketing strategy, then pushing that content out through social channels to drive engagement, awareness, and conversions.

Social Media Reporting & KPIs

We get it. Social Media can be a difficult thing to measure. Many marketing agencies wow you with what we call glamour metrics – metrics that don’t have much to do with your inbound cash flow or overall growth. At ExcelForce, we focus on metrics that matter by monitoring KPIs that can be tied to your new customer signups and revenue. We watch your accounts and campaigns around the clock, and provide regular updates and reports so that you know exactly where you stand.

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