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Evolving Digital Strategy and the Impact on SEO

    What is the impact of evolving digital strategy on SEO?

    Google often changes their algorithm to maintain their status as the world’s largest and most preferred search engine, and with the newest technology such as voice activated search, the changes just keep on pressing forward. As an industry, we all stay laser focused on the latest developments which aim to make the use of technology more intuitive and everyday life more efficient as a result. Search has come a long way in the last 15 years, and the affect on a company’s ranking in the search results is directly affected. Luckily, our team of creative professionals at LaunchDM have been doing SEO right since the very beginning, making our clients happy and keeping our results at the top. Since 1997, we’ve been employing an SEO methodology that is transparent to our team, our clients, and the world, and to put it simply, it just works! The reason why it works? It’s honest, ethical, and we follow a methodical process. Oh, and we work hard at it.

    The Evolution of SEO

    In the past, there were many companies out there trying to “beat” the system. In fact, there are sill companies out there claiming to put you at the top of a Google search. Occupying the top spot isn’t magic, it’s actually science. Anybody can do it, if they know how. How do you do it, you ask? There are a variety of digital concepts that must work together so that when implemented in a structured way, all complete the pieces of the puzzle. It doesn’t happen overnight. There is no magical switch that you can turn on that will move your company up. By doing the right thing, employing tactics that are real and transparent, that’s how you’ll get to the top of the search. And it works. We know it works, because we’ve been doing it for nearly 2 decades. With each algorithm change, in fact, our clients position in the rankings have actually become more favorable! Not only that, we’ve had companies seek us out because they see our name at the bottom of a competitor’s website. That competitor came up in the ranking before they did in a Google search. They call us and ask “can you do for us whatever you did for ABC Company?” Now if that isn’t proof enough that we’ve got it right, then keep reading.

    SEO in general is a lot like Digital Marketing. It’s a concept that a lot of people are talking about lately, but not a lot of people fully understand. Good SEO happens when a lot of different strategies fit together. In order to be successful, you have to carefully implement all the strategies. Choosing one strategy over another due to constraints in budget or bandwidth may help improve ranking temporarily, but to win at this competition, you’ve got to: 1. Do it right and 2. Keep doing it.

    What is “it” exactly, in terms of SEO?

    In terms of SEO, “it” means quality content which is both relevant, specific, and even entertaining to your target audience. But that’s not all, “it” needs to be professionally copy-written, industry-specific, written in a way that compels the reader to take action, and provided in the exact right step of your target buyer’s journey such that it mirror’s a sales process of funneling and nurturing a journey which is subject to change at any moment in the omni-channel advertising environment that we currently live in. Hmm. Wow. You didn’t know that SEO involved a professional who was good at writing? Consider this, a salesperson may be very good at sales, but the fact of the matter is, what he or she is really good at is shifting their strategy at any point in time based on the conversation. Words, nonverbal cues, and even what is not said can change the conversation for a salesperson. The best salespeople listen, understand the key pain points and problems, and then adapt their approach for the unique needs of each prospect. In marketing, on the other hand, we push the same message to everyone in the hope that it resonates with a few. Digitally, your website is selling your product or service, and the words are static and unchanging…you can’t shift the message mid sale. It takes a very, very different skill set to be able to craft words and combine them with visuals that drive a website viewer to take a particular action. In fact, a website reader can become as distracted as an 8-year old in Disney World for the first time between all of the options available. They literally melt into a puddle of indecision. Click on this, click on that, look over here. The easiest option is to close out the browser window and move on to something else. Boom. You just lost a sale. Want to read more on writing copy for the web? This article is a good start.

    Another very real example? How many times do you actually open an email from a stranger, especially one that has an attachment? Let me guess, 0, right? Exactly. A link from a stranger siting in your already too crowded inbox is like the kiss of death; you risk a blank screen, a virus, lost files, your computer could die and then your work-life could be over. Writing a highly effective email campaign for your company, whether it gets sent to existing clients or new ones is very tricky. It’s not something to take lightly. And it’s definitely not something to assign to your intern!

    Back to SEO. How can you get it right?

    First things first: you’ve got to make the commitment to digital. Is your company in the process of a digital “transformation”? Do you know what a digital transformation is? People define the term “digital transformation” differently in different industries. Lets bring the term “digital transformation” back into focus as a form of “Marketing and Advertising”. Today, in 2018, digital is vastly different even compared to a decade ago, in 2008. But that doesn’t mean that millennials are the only ones who know how to get it right. In fact, I’d venture to say that most of the millennials that I recently interviewed for a digital marketing job do not have the skills to effectively get digital right. Not yet anyway. Why? Because there is something to be said for those who have progressed through the time when there was no such thing as digital in the marketing and advertising industry.

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