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Examples and Benefits of Below the Line Marketing Techniques

    As a business owner, if you’re new to the marketing game, you will have probably heard plenty about both above the line and below the line marketing strategies and techniques. While both can certainly give your brand a hearty boost, if you want to get to know your audience on a more personal level and really start seeing pleasing results, it is wise to dedicate at least part of your focus to below the line activities. Here, we look at a few examples of these activities, as well as the many benefits associated with embracing them!

    Examples of Below the Line Activities

    There are various below the line activities, each varying in cost and effectiveness. The most popular include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Trade shows: Trade shows allow for one-on-one interaction with potential customers and make it possible for brands to get truly creative. Not only can you educate the potential consumer about your brand and its offering at a trade show, you can also get them involved and engaged by coming up with a few exciting activations and experiential marketing ideas.
    • Experiential marketing: Experiential marketing is all about providing the potential customer with a memorable experience that they will always associate with your business. There are no limitations when it comes to what you decide to do – the more creative you are, the better! After all, the whole point is to stand out from the crowd!
    • Email marketing: Email marketing promises excellent results if the design of the mails sent out, as well as the general message, has been properly thought out and targeted. It should resonate with your readers from the very start.
    • Door-to-door marketing: This is one of the oldest below the line marketing techniques in the book, yet still proves to yield impressive results. The key is to hire and train friendly sales staff who are charming and who understand the true essence of your business. You’d be surprised how much of a difference the right brand ambassadors can make to your campaign!

    Benefits of Below the Line Marketing

    Countless business owners opt to embrace the power of below the line marketing techniques for the following reasons:

    • All in all, especially when compared to above the line marketing activities, below the line marketing is a lot more affordable.
    • Below the line marketing provides you with more opportunity to build on the customer-brand relationship. It allows for a more personal, intimate, one-on-one point of contact.
    • It is easier to track and promises an impressive return on investment.
    • It is easier to keep an eye on the budget.
    • It provides you with the opportunity to go viral.
    • Promotions can be extremely targeted, ensuring excellent value for money.


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