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Experiential Marketing Can Deliver R.O.I.

    1.Follow The Data

    Experiential Marketing programs run for a predetermined amount of time. Monitor your sales, social media followers, website views and audience commentary before and after the start date. You can track direct communication brand ambassadors or teams and a potential customer. You can also easily track the number of signups to a particular service during a finite time period. After the event has closed, you can track any increases in social media followers, website views or audience commentary.. These are all definable activities which demonstrate the kinds of engagement that take place during the program.

    2. Product Demonstrations Draw in Non-Believers

    A live demonstration is unmatched in terms of how it can lead customers to purchase and experiential marketing allows you to change that. Once you engage customers in individual discussions, you have the opportunity to show how the product or service works in a way that is better than a television commercialYou can provide an educational experience that the customers will appreciate and at the same time, build a relationship. Once the customer has a positive experience at the hands of your brand, they will become believers. This will in turn, motivate them to take action and purchase.

    3. Create Authentic Customer Relationships

    If you have a friend or a family member who starts a business, would you be inclined to buy their product? Probably, you know the personality behind the product, you like that personality, you know the story of the brand, and you want the person behind it to do well. It’s like the old Faberge shampoo commercial where you tell, a friend and they tell a friend, and on and on. At an experiential marketing event, not only will the product be demonstrated and the customer’s questions will be answered, but they’ll meet the employees, the brand ambassadors, they might learn the story behind the brand and how it came to be. The customer will automatically start to grow a relationship with the brand.

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