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Experiential Marketing Done Right: NGO Edition

    German relief NGO Misereor’s “Charity Donation Billboard”


    What is the number one block for most people when it comes to donating to a good cause?


    What’s the second biggest reason we don’t donate?

    If something’s out of sight, it’s out of mind.


    This brilliant campaign by Misereor obliterated both of those problems – and made people feel good about themselves in an instant, interactive experience.



    World Wildlife Fund’s #LastSelfie Snapchat Campaign


    Sometimes the best way to make an impact and stand out from all the noise is to use your medium to its best advantage.


    WWF did just this when they took advantage of Snapchat’s disappearing content essence to give viewers an emotional “oh snap” moment. By releasing the #LastSelfies of various endangered wildlife, WWF was able to drive home the fact that these beautiful creatures where disappearing as quickly as the snapchats exchanged everyday. They made the connection, and then gave the audience ways to help make a difference – because no one wants to just sit and watch amazing animals disappear.





    WaterAid’s Hope Locker


    Context is king, and WaterAid hit this on the head when they installed their Hope Lockers in the changing rooms of UK public pools. Swimmers paid a deposit of £1 to store their personal items in the lockers while they swam. When they came back the locker gave them the chance to donate that pound to WaterAid so that more people could enjoy safe, clean water like they just had.


    Admittedly, there’s a bit of guilt being taken advantage of here. But once again, by asking for such a small amount, no one is going to feel exhorted. They are also more likely to donate a few times as the commitment is low.





    What we love about experiential marketing is that it endeavours to communicate and connect with people on a personal level. This is achieved by few other marketing mediums.

    There are no limits when creating magical experiences, so join us as we uncover experiential inspiration in this new series.


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