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Experiential Marketing Done Right: Travel Edition

Experience Kissimmee’s “Escape the Cold” Chicago Event


Finding it difficult to get people to your magical destination? Why not bring it to them instead then. Give them a taste of the adventure that awaits and watch your destination suddenly not seem so far away for them.


That was the thinking behind Experience Kissimmee’s “Escape the Cold” activation in the heart of Chicago. They set up a 190 ft long zip line in Millennial Park, tempting thrill seekers to “Escape the cold. Warm your heart.” Not only did they get to increase their body temperature through a little unexpected fun (and just a taste of what they could get up to in Kissimmee), but the organisers added on the great CSI element of urging thrill seekers to donate coats to warm up others as well.



SNCF “Europe. It’s Just Next Door”


This is an amazing example of how you can use technology to bring a physical experience to life. Not only did this campaign serve to encourage people to explore neighbouring countries – showing just how close they are – it also helped connect different people. When the world is increasingly falling into an “us vs them” mindset, it’s lovely when you can give people the opportunity to connect effortlessly, while being instantly transported into the other person’s life.


Just watch and see how great this experience is…


British Airways & VisitBritain: You’re invited


Sometimes you have to go big to make sure you get everyone’s attention. And that’s exactly what British Airways achieved with this tantalizing look at just what’s waiting for you in Britain.


They managed to cover all their best attractions without saying a word – classy. This marketing campaign traveled to all the “fast-emerging” markets, including China, Japan, the UAE and Canada. Helps when you don’t need translation.

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