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Beaches in Mumbai

    Mumbai is not only known as the financial capital of India, instead, it is the home to some of the most protected harbors in India. This is the place where tourists and locale can witness the magical sunset and sunrise.

    The Arabian Sea, the Sands and the sight of the horizon and a perfect sunset, makes the beaches of Mumbai truly magical and must-visit tourist destination in Mumbai. In the midst of fast-paced city lifestyle, Mumbai the city that never sleeps is the home to some of the serene and beautiful beaches that are worth visiting.

    From happening, crowded, noisy beaches to narrow, quiet and pollute-free beaches, there are a number of beaches which you must mention on your to-do list when you are in Mumbai next time. But, not all beaches are worth visit as some of the beaches are heavy crowded and polluted by the tourists and locales. So, to narrow down your search and make your beach visit in Mumbai memorable here is the list of best and clean beaches in Mumbai.

    1. Girgaum Chowpatty Beach

    Being one of the top tourist attractions of Mumbai, Girgaum Chowpatty Beach is located just next to Marine Drive. Recently there has been a new introduction to the things to do at Girgaun Chowpatty Beach-Water sports. Getting to the beach is really easy because of the public transports. Beat time to visit Girgaum Chowpatty Beach is during morning and evening when the beach is not so crowded with people. So, enjoy some Golas and kulfis and have an exciting time at this beach in Mumbai.

    1. Juhu Beach

    This is the beach which is popular and crowded owing to its close proximity to some of the luxurious hotels, celebrity homes, 5-Star restaurants and plenty of shopping hubs.

    This beach is surrounded by some of the popular accommodation facilities and luxury hotels and it is also bordered by fast-food stalls where you can enjoy chessy pav bhaji, fresh ice candy in different flavors. You can also enjoy the sights of aircraft landing at the airport is located close to this beach.

    If you want to get closer to the nature in Mumbai, then this is the place that can offer you solace you desire for. The Juhu ISKON temple is located in the vicinity which you can visit in the evening after exploring the beach.

    1. Dadar Chowpatty Beach

    This amazing beach in Mumbai has the most amazing view of the Bandra Worli Sea link connect, Dadar Chowpatty Beach is famous for people using it for their morning jogging affairs and due to the wonderful sunset view. Situated in South Bombay, the shoreline is frequented by private local people desiring a night walk, early morning yoga or to simply to relax and spend some leisure time.

    1. Madh Island Beach

    Madh Island is one of the popular and Cleanest Beaches near Mumbai which is also known as the scheduled beach in the north-west region of the city. Being the part of fishing villages in Malad, the Madh Island is surrounded by the mangroves on all the sides.

    Swimming is not allowed, but there are other activities which you can enjoy during your visit. This beach has Malad Creek on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west which gives you panoramic views.

    This beach is well connected by roads and also stays the popular spot for hosting parties by upper-class of the city. The beach is also surrounded by a number of food joints making it a paradise for all seafood lovers.

    1. Marve Beach

    Providing connectivity from Buddhist meditation center to Pagoda Marve beach is a clean beach as compare to others and it is protective by our Indian Navy. Due to the strong tides and currents, it is generally not recommended to swim in the sea waters or even to step aside post evening hours. You must visit this beach in Mumbai to spend some leisure time with your friends and family.

    1. Gorai Beach

    This is the less visited and less crowded beach in Mumbai that can be reached easily with a ferry ride from Malad or Borivali. This is one of the peaceful and Clean Beaches in Mumbai and considered to be the college-goers Mecca. This is a black sand beach that you can reach by road.

    This beach is close to Essel World Amusement Park and Waterpark and remains the top destination to spend weekends in the luxury cottages which is lined in the beachfront. If you want to experience the mesmerizing views of sunset and sunrise, then this is the park that worth your visit. You can drive to the beach or take a ferry to reach this place. This beach is less crowded even during weekends and it is considered to be the best destination for a weekend picnic.

    1. Versova Beach

    Versova Beach is the continuation to the Juhu Beach moving towards Andheri suburbs which draws in various expert photographers and shutterbugs, particularly amid sunrise and sunset to catch the captivating scene and scenic vistas. Furthermore, the shoreline offers a few sports like swimming, cycling, horse riding and so forth. Celebrations like Ganesh Chaturthi are commended with a great deal of grandeur at this beach in Mumbai and appear and the season attracts travelers thousands to be a piece of the merriments.

    1. Aksa Beach

    Located a little on the outskirts of the city in Malad, Aksa Beach is an unparalleled oasis for a rejuvenating retreat from the hustle bustle of the city traffic. This falls under the list of best beaches in Mumbai since it offers everything a good beach-side should give you. If you are a beach lover then do not miss visiting this beach in Mumbai on your visit.

    1. Kalamb Beach

    Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life of Mumbai is the quiet and calming Kalamb Beach which is located close to Nalaspora. This is one of the Clean Beaches Near Mumbai as it is yet unexplored by most of the people in Mumbai and it is considered to be the paradise away from the bustling city life.

    This is the ultimate beach for lazing strolls alongside the coastline. Tourists come here to take lazy naps and wake up with the mesmerizing sunset in the evening. It is surrounded by great food joints which make your day at the beach worthwhile.

    1. Erangal Beach

    This is one of the popular and Clean Beaches in Mumbai which is located in Madh about 25 minutes drive away from Malad City local train station. This beach is less visited and explored by the tourists and it claims to offer you emerald, clean, and striking waters.

    This will truly help you relish and get peace of mind after a hectic maddening city lifestyle. This beach is located strategically alongside the fishing village and bordered by the hills and paddy fields. The beach claims to stay empty during the weekends.

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