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Lifestyle in Mumbai

    The second biggest city in the state of Maharashtra with around 4.5 million people living happily in an area of 450 sq. km. With great weather, amazing nightlife, lip smacking food & unbelievable holiday destinations in nearby proximity – MUMBAI has everything one would want in a satisfactory lifespan. Even after being famous for a modern and fashionable lifestyle, the people of this city still maintains the ground of their cultural values.

    Mumbai being the cultural abode of Maharashtra is famous for its culturally discerning citizens who unabashedly display their love for music, plays, dance performances, live concerts and art exhibitions. Performances in the old part of the city tend to be in Marathi or Hindi and feature Indian classical music and regional dance styles. With hundreds of Educational Institutes & IT companies, Mumbai holds comparatively younger crowd than other major cities in India. No wonder such city will have amazing places to hang out. The city holds world class pubs, breweries, and restaurants. From Students to Professionals, Couple to Group of Friends, everyone can find a place suitable for their required Ambience and particularly in an affordable budget.

    Although Mumbai is next big city in Maharashtra after Mumbai, it is still pretty much cheaper when it comes to lifestyle. Property rates are too much lower in comparison to Mumbai, and this really helps the budget of a salaried person. The city is very much safe for anyone even at night. Local people of the city easily get along with outsiders. Food & Transportation is fairly cheap. One can roam around the city in an own vehicle without traffic problems. Mumbai has many army cantonments which keep the city safer, greener and cleaner. Law & Order in the city is also good. Altogether a family can live happily forever with an amazing lifestyle.

    Mumbai holds the status of the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Mumbai is Bastion of Maharashtrian culture and hosts amazing aesthetic festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi & Janmashtami. The famous Dagdusheth Ganpati Temple in the city is one of the most popular religious places in India. Ganesh Chaturthi being the major festival of the year, one can see the true aesthetic look of Mumbai. Dhol Pathak performing during the Ganesh Utsav makes the atmosphere so exuberant. You can see all major Bollywood celebrities attending Dahi Handi festival during Janmashtami.

    Mumbai city is not limited to locals. People from all over India and also some parts of the world come to Mumbai for various purposes. Right from education to settling down, everyone finds their peace in Mumbai due to various opportunities that Mumbai has to offer. People belonging to different caste and culture live in various parts of Mumbai. There is an abundance of culture, not only of Maharashtra, but also of all over the world that you get to see. Even the new and upcoming activities are being conducted in Mumbai itself and people are responding very well to it. This does tells us that Mumbai is by far the best city who has a mix of both ancient and modern culture all in one place.

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