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Railway Marketing in Mumbai

    Railway runs from the heart of Mumbai and covers almost all the important places in Mumbai. Railways are the key transport hubs in all the cities and towns in India. Placing your Marketing in the commuter’s path gives you the best opportunity to reach your target audience when they are experiencing the longest dwell times in daily routine.

    More than 75Lacs passengers travel per day on Mumbai Railway Network (35Lacs on Western Railways and 40Lacs on Central Railways). Railway Marketing allows clients to reach a wider city area audience. Some of the marketing campaigns speak to people in their own local environment within transport network, others reach out over city centre audiences and capture consumers’ attention on the high street.

    Benefits of Railways Advertising include –

    • Reaching out to Millions of people travel that use Mumbai local as their primary transportation
    • High visibility at platform which helps to targets every category of passengers
    • A constant reminder and continuous visibility for target audience of various products every single day

    It allows your brand to be in front of buyers who have time to observe and read about the product advertising, instead of being force feeding the information in a fifteen second television commercial.

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