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RWA Activities in Mumbai

    Residential Welfare Association (RWA) Market in Pune has increased exponentially over the last few years. Due to the easy availability of land at cheaper price and at a good location, people invested in property over the years and as the market increased, so did the prices. Marketing Company in Pune targets housing complexes to perform sampling activities, Door-to-Door Marketing, Field Marketing and recreational activities to make sure they make people aware of the products of various companies.

    Rise in number of corporate occupiers, skilled workforce, foreign direct investments (FDI) and good road connectivity continue to drive residential demand in Mumbai. The proximity to business hubs have resulted in high residential demand across the key micro-markets mentioned above. Mumbai ranked top in the ‘Ease of Living Index 2018’ by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs in India has seen a steady rise in the number of skilled workforces, adding to the housing demand.

    Various builders have come to limelight because of the rise in Mumbai market. There are many famous townships in Mumbai which have the best amenities anyone can imagine. A lot of new builders focus on making sure that they can provide amenities at low price so that the customers can afford buying them and become them customer.

    Some of the famous developers in Mumbai are mentioned below –

    1. Radius Developers, Chembur
    2. Kalpataru Immensa, Thane West
    3. Haware Paradise, Bhiwandi
    4. Dheeraj Reality LivSmart, Kurla
    5. Puranik Tokyo Bay Phase-II, Thane West etc.

    Advertisers from different verticals connect to apartment companies. When activation is done from the apartment, an advertiser can get the maximum number of members and viewers for its products and services, and in return, it helps them reach a personalized target audience after JC. RWA activation works as a platform that helps easily reach the target audience.

    RWA Activities usually involves different types that Marketing Agency in Mumbai makes use of to target the desired consumers. The types of activities are mentioned below –

    1. Apartment notice: The display panel which is usually in every societies that lets the residents know about the activities conducted by the marketing agencies.
    2. Kiosk in Apartments: This helps in direct interaction with the customers. It usually involves stalles/canopy which are placed in the apartments.
    3. Flyers Distribution: This can be done in two ways, one which is placed right outside the doors of residents apartments and the other is  done by sending the flyers to the residents through post, but before doing that, we need to take the consent of the company.
    4. Banner: Banner creates an instant notoriety of the brand and it results in the customer memorizing the brand. This is usually profitable.
    5. Corporate Events: Advertisers can sponsor an event in apartments during festivals and special events which are conducted in Company premises.

    The brand promotion aims to raise awareness of service or quality among potential customers or target groups. In this competitive market, a company should take positive steps to promote its service and reach its customers. It is equally important to be trustworthy with your customers in order to eventually increase sales. A company to create a brand identity and impress its customers should hire such services.

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