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The power of your brand message is the key to driving sales

    There is a proven set of criteria used to test creative effectiveness of shopper communication called the 4C’s: Command, Connect, Convey, and Close. The better the ad performs against these metrics the better the ad does in driving conversion.

    The first step is to Command Attention. Shopper communication that drives sales must first engage the shopper – invite her in. The idea is to let the shopper know you’re there. It’s a conversational wave across the room, a tap on the shoulder, a shout-out in the crowded area. However this is harder than it seems. In any retail context, the shoppers are on autopilot as they navigate the store, app, or website. The goal is to catch their eye, invite their attention, and get noticed.

    The Tactics: Color, Shape, Size, Texture, White Space, Placement (above the fold), Violating Space, Motion, Dynamic Imagery, Scent, Sound

    The Assessment: Does it attract peripheral vision in an in-store context or leverage the online medium with movement or dynamic imagery?

    Does the execution use distinctive color, shape, size, sound, etc., and engage the shopper?

    There are a number of effective ways to command attention.

    Size, sound, motion, texture, distinctive color, and shape all work in store because shoppers shop at retail with their peripheral vision – their minds are constantly filtering inputs and their eyes are drawn to what’s different in the environment.

    In the digital screen as well as the store, the eyes are drawn to what’s different in the environment. Simple, bold images; ads above the fold; faces, motion, and disruptive visuals all help to draw interest.

    Be aware in the effort to gain attention to not go overboard and create disruption for its own sake. Elicit positive interest for the retailer at the POS to achieve a favorable shopper experience. Retailers prefer an invite vs. screaming at their shoppers.

    Does it matter to shoppers? Yes! Below is an example of what happens when a brand enhances Command.

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