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Ultimate Marketing Activations – Boost Sales with Experiential Marketing

    To understand anything about experiential marketing and brand activations, one only has to look back at the experience New York’s sportscaster, Bill Mazer, used to offer his fans every Sunday night in his “Sports Fantasy” segment. This television programme was more than just your regular reality TV show or sports game. The show revolved around giving “arm chair athletes” the opportunity to really experience the game, the glory and all the excitement that comes with being in the hot seat: the hero.

    Bill Mazer’s Sports Fantasy isn’t the only ultimate sports marketing activation that we have seen enjoy such great success, and it certainly won’t be the last. What is it about such experiential marketing or brand activations that boosts sales and promotes customer loyalty? Is it really that effective and is it only aimed at the sports world? First and foremost, experiential marketing can benefit any business and while it has been wildly successful in the sporting world, it has also churned out phenomenal sales figures in a multitude of other industries.

    Let’s take a look at why experiential marketing is such a huge success:

    • It presents the opportunity for product trials at the best possible time – when a consumer is primed to buy. Consumers who want to get involved and experience your products and services are half way there already. Providing them with the opportunity to try out your product is the best way to close the sale.
    • It creates hype around your brand and of course a media buzz – experiential marketing is the ultimate solution for companies and brands looking to create a buzz. You can expect those involved to Tweet, Instagram and even post on Facebook about their experience and that’s a great deal of exposure for you right there.
    • Consumer imaginations and aspirations are resonated – consumers have a desire to have unique brand experiences, especially if it is something they are passionate about or interested in. Providing fun, interesting and memorable brand experiences is the best way to get consumers talking about you, remembering you and recommending you to family and friends.
    • Experiential marketing is measurable. This means you can translate consumer reactions into valuable data that the brand can use for future marketing and sales drives.
    • It’s a great way to start a dialogue with your most loyal consumers and keep it going. Keeping in touch with your target audience is essential if you want your business to grow while continuing to meet their needs. Experiential marketing provides the ultimate way of communicating with your consumers and finding out what they want and need as they grow and develop with your brand.
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