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Advertising company

    Advertising company

    Fulcrum Media is a comprehensive single-source solution to all your advertising, public relations and marketing needs. Through sound strategy, on-target creativity and keen purchasing expertise, we realize the most impact from our clients’ advertising budgets.

    Whether we handle all aspects of a company’s marketing or act as an extension of their in-house staff, Fulcrum plays a vital role in image creation, branding, merchandising and support, and general awareness.

    We create, plan and manage all aspects of your organization’s branding efforts.

    We produce high-impact television commercials by orchestrating the collective talents of professional writers, producers, engineers and actors.

    We provide comprehensive and meaningful insight into tactics and strategies that can be essential to your long-term success.

    Successful radio campaigns have two things in common: (1) incredibly compelling scripts and (2) superior production quality. You’ll receive both.

    We ensure that your unique message is delivered to its intended audience with the highest degree of impact.

    We create presentations utilizing a combination of forms, including text, audio, still images, animation, and video, which are sure to impress.

    Public Relations
    We craft PR that combines thoughtful pro-activity with the ability to react to developing company and industry events while simultaneously positioning you properly to your target market.

    Strategic Planning
    We provide a blueprint for your success that includes a comprehensive communication message, compelling creative execution, qualified media recommendations and measurable results.

    Media Buying
    We use qualified and quantified media analysis tools to evaluate and negotiate the best possible rates and value-added incentives for you, extending your media budget well beyond its face value.

    Print design
    We create ads that combine persuasive copy with innovative design—ads that not only get noticed but that differentiate you from the competition.

    We create designs that feature the programming and architectural elements necessary to produce results . . . from high-volume e-commerce to content management systems (CMS) and the simple but highly effective smaller sites.

    Social Media
    The complexity of social media requires specific skill sets that we have and you need. If social media has you dumbfounded, we offer setup, maintenance and training for the new age of digital advertising.


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