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Social Media Consultancy

Social Media Consultancy

For those clients with internal social media teams, ExcelForce has developed a full-service social media consultancy offering. We support your staff to drive improvement in key areas including platform choice, alignment with marketing strategy, content alignment and leverage, strategic communication, and reputation management.

Platform Choice

Your brand isn’t built for everyone, and your social strategy shouldn’t be either. Brands that pursue success on every social media platform rarely see measurable results, while those that focus on only the most relevant platforms see lasting boosts to their brand awareness, website traffic, and revenue growth. ExcelForce excels in the internal and external research process that helps brands understand which platforms they need to be on, and which aren’t relevant to their message or audience.

Reputation Management

Social media is often an outlet for anger and aggression. When negativity is directed at your brand, your response strategy says a lot about your preparation, your brand’s identity, your transparency, and your ability to function during a crisis. We help your team develop response strategies for a variety of situations, and teach them how to manage and alleviate negative feedback through effective response and communication.

If you’re not ready to outsource your social media strategy, but want to be able to succeed on your own, ExcelForce social media consultancy is a great option. Our experts will be happy to work with you through the research and planning process and hold workshops covering key challenges, allowing you to tackle social media with preparation and effectiveness.

Alignment with Marketing Strategy

All of your marketing efforts should come together as a cohesive effort. We help your team develop strategies for crossover promotion, partner interaction, and influencer outreach that allow you to engage with an audience on social media without deviating from your larger marketing message.

Content Alignment

One of the key measurements of content success involves social engagement. It makes sense, then, that content should factor heavily into your social media strategy. Excel Force social media team has experienced massive success helping brands use their content to drive successful social media strategies.

Strategic Communication

Social media is a two-way communication medium. This means that developing a posting schedule and content promotion strategy is only half of the battle for success. To win the war, brands have to engage in conversation and respond to communities in real-time. ExcelForce experts can help your team through effective planning and workshops aimed at turning your team into master communicators and brand ambassadors.

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