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Experiential Marketing Can Benefit Your Company

10 Ways Experiential Marketing Can Benefit Your Company

1.) Experiential Marketing generates and curates content for your brand

Creating unique marketing experiences for your customers creates opportunities to generate branded content which can be shared to all social channels for the brand, and shared among consumers as social currency to ultimately increase the splash of your marketing activation.

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2.) Provides consumers the opportunity to try before they buy

Experiential marketing is great because it can give consumers the opportunity to try your products or services before they buy. One great example I’ve seen in the past was Verizon. They setup an activation at a golf tournament which allowed consumers to try one of several phones available to make a free cellular call using their service.

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3.) Experiential Marketing engages consumers through inbound and outbound marketing tactics.

Creating shock and awe with unique art, music, installations or experiences will definitely create a magnet to draw interested consumers. Once you have their attention, let them take part in your experience, sample your products and engage. Experiential Marketing combines elements of traditional and modern marketing efforts to craft unique experiences which in turn create memories that last for years to come.

4.) Experiential Marketing builds authentic interactions and excitement with consumers.

Putting the product in the consumer’s hands is always one of the best ways to get them to remember your product and generate brand loyalty. Engaging with consumers on a one-on-one interaction means they will spend a lot more time with your brand, and your product. Positive experiences mean positive memories associated with your company.

Experiential Marketing with DEG at Comic Con in San Diego
5.) Experiential activations allows your customers to interact with your products building insight for brands

Sometimes great products, and thus brands are out there in the dark until a consumer can get their hands on it and interact with it. This can be one of the best ways to learn about how to improve your product.

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6.) Experiential marketing allows for brands to follow consumers

You will become more effective in building online relationships if you follow others on social media and what better way than in person.

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7.) Experiential can give you an opportunity to promote future events

It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting a tour, an educational series, or a music performance. Your online presence needs to grow over time. Using a variety of approaches to plug upcoming events, such as posting images from previous years, sharing videos that show exclusive content like interviews and behind the scenes footage. Through generating multiple content types you will avoid making followers feel as though you’re sharing the same message over and over.

Experiential Marketing Activations at Music Festivals
8.) Experiential marketing activations provide a great opportunity to monitor sentiment and online conversations.

When you create a marketing experiences, you’re setting the stage for conversations and sharing to take place. So monitor these public conversations closely and see if there are opportunities to improve what you’re doing.

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9.) Experiential Marketing creates significant impressions among consumers and their friends

When you line up all your marketing strategies to see which generate the most results for your brand, experiential will always trend at the highest. From the consumer experience, to social media impressions. Nothing beats earned media, and experiential provides the means to create genuinely unique social content from consumers by giving them something worth of sharing.

10.) Brand experiences create positive feelings which generate word-of-mouth sharing among consumers

Engagement marketing and experiential are all built around the idea of encouraging consumers to participate and engage.

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