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Media Kit For Your Small Business

    5 Reasons You Need a Media Kit For Your Small Business

    Super Heroes never seem to go out of style and it’s mainly because  people will always be intrigued with having super human powers. But even Super Heroes rely on tools of their trade. Captain America has his trusty shield, The Green Lantern has his ring and Spider Man has a wrist gadget that allows him to shoot special web fluid.

    As authors, speakers and entrepreneurs – a Media Kit gives us the power we need.

    Media Kits, help you tell the world – not just journalists – the relevant details about your business, book or brand. Developing a great Media Kit can help you leverage the power of the media and also promote your products and services.

    Here are some more reasons they’re important to your business.

    1. Provide information.

    A media kit is a powerful packaged document that provides information about your products, services or business. Used mainly for launches at events, a media kit provides editors, journalists and reporters a snapshot of your business – who you are, what you do, who you have worked with, etc. It’s an attention-grabbing point of reference from which editors, journalists and reporters decide whether or not they’ll interview you about your business. Additionally, a media kit allows you to answer questions being asked about what you do, as well as create a buzz around your business.

    1. Build credibility.

    Creating a media kit is one of the best ways to build credibility for your business. It presents a lasting first impression on media representatives and shines a professional light on your business. Not only does a media kit allow you to demonstrate your expertise, it gives you an edge over competitors who neglect having a media kit for their business and builds trust with the media, influencers and potential clients.

    1. Demonstrate value.

    A media kit presents an opportunity for your business to demonstrate its value to the media and potential clients. Editors, journalists, reporters and potential clients want to know your business’ purpose, how you can provide a solution to their problems, and why they should invest in you/your business. A media kit tells the media and potential clients why they should choose you.

    1. Demonstrate growth.

    As a business is established, it evolves over time as it seeks to acquire and retain more clients. Utilizing statistics in a media kit demonstrates your business’ successes, as well as its potential for further growth. In essence, a media kit provides a track record for your business and shines a light on its potential for further success.

    1. Encourages investment.

    In addition to telling media representatives and potential clients about the products and services you offer, a media kit tells them how to purchase these solutions for their needs. As a one-stop shop for all information about your business, a media kit informs media representatives and potential clients the ways in which they can buy from you (order form, direct link, etc.). This prevents the need for one to go searching for information or an easy way to invest in your business.

    Knowing when and where to send your kit is also crucial. Before sending it out to everyone in the media, spend time researching publications and media outlets to know which ones are most likely to cover your company. Be sure to include a personalized email to each journalist to introduce yourself, the company and explain what the media kit is for. This will help you to make a connection with the person you’re trying to reach, rather than sending them the exact same media kit you may be sending 100 other journalists.

    Media kits don’t need to be used all of the time, but sometimes they do have their place in the world of public relations.

    A really great media kit helps take your brand, your book and your book launch to another level.

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