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PPC Optimisation

PPC Optimisation

ExcelForce research experts perform in-depth analysis to develop a comprehensive list of keywords that’ll bring relevant and engaged traffic to your website.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC), or web-based advertising, is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website. By displaying your ads on relevant platforms to targeted audiences, you can drive traffic with an accuracy and ROI that’s unmatched in any other digital marketing method.

Why PPC is Important to Your Business

PPC is unique among advertising methods because you’re only charged when someone clicks on your ads. Imagine a world where ads placed in newspapers that are never read are free- that’s the world you’re stepping into with PPC. It’s a key marketing model, and is used by hundreds of thousands of websites to drive traffic while an organic visitor base is built up. (Learn more about building organic traffic through our SEO offering.

Continued PPC Optimisation

The key to the ongoing success of your pay-per-click efforts is continued optimisation. At ExcelForce, we’ve built our reputation around constantly increasing the effectiveness of our clients’ marketing campaigns.


Why does PPC Optimisation Matter?

When you add pay-per-click to your marketing strategy, you’re stepping into the ring with your competitors to fight for visibility and traffic on very direct terms. When we develop a PPC strategy, we account for market conditions, user behaviour, and competitive landscape. All of those things change over time, and your strategy has to change with it. Otherwise, the competition will out-bid, out-focus, and out-earn you.

  • Bid/ROI Management: We drive towards a maximum return on your investment by constantly reviewing and adjusting your cost per click on high and low performing keywords. This allows us to reduce wastage and improve conversion rates by allocating your budget towards those keywords that are performing best for you.

  • Keyword Optimisation: We review keyword performance and use the information we gather to remove or add keywords to your pay-per-click campaign on a regular basis. This process allows us to keep your campaign focused on keywords that your target audience are using regularly.

  • Ad Copy Creation & A/B Split Testing: We constantly review the performance of our clients’ ads and develop new ones based on performance. By constantly testing new copy we can increase click-through and drive revenue increases for our clients.

  • Geographical Targeting: By focusing on a targeted geographic area, you can create a highly specialised campaign that boosts your ROI through extremely targeted keywords and limited competition. We use geographic targeting to keep you in front of your local audience on a regular basis.

  • Landing Page Optimisation: Over time, your best performing designs can lose their edge against competitors desperate for your business. We constantly track how visitors interact with your landing pages, test new designs, and shift your traffic to lead page designs that drive conversions.

Since 2006, ExcelForce has worked with clients around the world to develop leading pay-per-click campaigns. Our clients have successfully leveraged PPC as part of a larger marketing strategy with the support of ExcelForce specialised team. When you go up against the competition, you need a partner with experience, expertise, and dedication. You need ExcelForce.

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