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Strategies Improve Brand’s Value

3 Strategies to Improve Your Brand’s Value

Getting Started With Experiential Marketing.

Pick a Location Where Stakeholders Hang Out

Before you do anything, research. With the right data about your target customer, you should know where they frequent. A company that understands that a majority of its target audience do tailgate parties, or hang out in local sports bars, may opt to reach them at these respective social locations. Meeting customers where they have already chosen to be and makes sense with your product, gives you the advantage towards a positive brand experience.
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2. Tap into Existing Fans to Gain New Ones

Experiential marketing sets the stage for one-on-one personal contact and the ability to speak directly with brand loyalists. Meeting fans on their home turf can be truly transformative in getting them to take action; to download an
“Follow me to ice cream.”

app, sample a new product or service, and perhaps, give them access to a community of other fans where they can share their brand joy. It’s also a viable pipeline for initiating relationships with new fans because who better to advocate for your brand than people who have tried, tested and appreciate it.

3. Simplify Your Brand Story

Some companies and brands have a complex story to tell. Examples include weight loss programs, nutritional supplements, and cable TV providers. Talking about your brand with customers in face-to-face conversations, and then providing them with an associated experience brings your product to life in tangible, memorable ways. Branded conversations that involve eye contact and extend beyond 30 seconds are a gateway to an authentic connection. You have the chance to respond to a customer’s individual concerns; answer questions about the product, and can even provide more information. This is the ultimate portal to showcasing brand value while persuading the consumer to purchase.

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