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Benefits of Outsourced Sales for Start-ups

we’ve put together a list of the top 10 benefits of outsourced sales for start-ups. We’d love to know what you think. Have we missed anything out?

Creating a successful business from scratch is not easy. Start-ups face many challenges on the road to success, especially in the B2B and tech sectors. Whether you are self-funded or backed by venture capital, outsourced sales for start-ups can offer many benefits.

Here at Pace Digital, we work with multinational enterprises as well as handling outsourced sales for start-ups, and the benefits can be very similar for both. However, outsourced sales can provide a real edge for tech start-ups who are looking to compete in the competitive B2B marketplace, such as SaaS technology.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 benefits of outsourced sales for start-ups.  We’d love to know what you think. Have we missed anything out?

1. Save Time and Money

It can be very expensive  to set-up a sales operation from scratch. And it can take time to find and recruit the best sales talent.

Outsourced sales for start-ups gives you instant access to all the skills you will need in your sales operation, allowing you to tap into the expertise of sales leaders, as well as work with a team of highly-trained outsourced sales professionals. In other words you get access to a full sales team, at a fraction of the cost of building such a team from scratch.

2. Flexibility

Working with an outsourced sales company can give start-ups the flexibility to either outsource their entire sales operation, or add the skills that they need to supplement their existing sales operation.

For some Pace clients, we handle the entire end-to-end sales process, including inbound enquiries, for others we might provide consultancy and strategic advice, and for many we manage pipeline development so we can hand over qualified leads to a start-ups senior team.

Each individual start-up will face their own unique challenges and we create a tailored approach for every client. In every case, our Permission to Operate proprietary onboarding process will ensure we fully capture the needs of your business.

3. Speed To Market

The B2B market-place is very competitive, with new companies launching almost on a daily basis, particularly in fast-growing technology areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics and SaaS.

By bringing on board a trusted outsourced sales partner, you can ensure you reach out to prospects at an early stage, stealing a march on your competitors and nurturing the relationships that will be key to success.

The B2B sales cycle can often take months rather than weeks, so hiring an outsourced sales partner can help you build a strong pipeline to ensure future success.

4. Make the Most of Scarce Resources

Most start-ups depend on small teams to carry out a multitude of functions. Often sales will fall to the founders and, while founders can often inspire potential customers with their vision, they usually just do not have the time to nurture prospects until they are ready to buy.

An outsourced sales partner for start-ups can take over this function, making sure you keep track of every sales opportunity, while freeing up the time of key people in the business to focus on bringing their vision to life.

5. Accountability

It is vital for any start-up to control spending, particularly in the early phases when you are striving to reach profitability.

An outsourced sales partner should be able to commit, not only to KPIs such as number of meetings booked, but also financial targets, such as volume of sales and value of pipeline. By choosing the right outsourced sales partner you can ensure your investment in sales generates a full Return on Investment (ROI).

This is something we feel very strongly about at Pace – if you are looking for a partner that only focuses on the number of appointments booked, then we are probably not for you.

We think our real value lies in creating the qualified leads that fit your ideal customer profile and will lead to the future success of your business.  We are not afraid of committing to results – we just believe those results should make a difference to your bottom line.

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6. Ability To Scale

The path to success for any start-up can be unpredictable and there will usually be times when you need to scale-up resources or even scale down.  Outsourced sales can help start-ups to manage peaks and troughs in demand to respond to market needs.

Your outsourced sales partner can also help you target new geographies or market sectors at the speed you need to take advantage of external market dynamics. Taking advantage of market opportunities can mean the difference between success and failure and an outsourced sales partner can allow you to scale at the speed you need.

7. Help To Refine Your Product-Market Fit

This may not be a benefit that you automatically associate with an outsourced sales partner, but it is worth considering.  At Pace, we train our sales teams to understand your business, market sector and product benefits so that they can be effective advocates for your brand.

We also work closely with you to refine the discovery process, which is crucial to delivering qualified sales opportunities. This process can often yield valuable insights that we will share with your team to deepen your understanding of customer needs.

Two-way knowledge transfer is a fundamental part of our approach at Pace; we ensure that you are kept fully up-to-date with our activities. We provide feedback and ask questions, acting as an extension of your business, rather than an arms-length outsourced sales operation.

In fact it is worth mentioning that an outsourced sales partner such as Pace can give your business a real strategic advantage, adding valuable perspective and insight to fuel future growth.

8. Speed Up Revenue Growth and Maximise Marketing Investments

Often revenue growth comes at a cost, such as investment in marketing campaigns and of course sales resources. An outsourced sales partner can help you maximise the ROI of your investment in customer acquisition by handling inbound and outbound opportunities and building a strong sales pipeline.

An outsourced sales partner can help you establish a paying customer base much faster than establishing in-house operations.

9. Nurture Your Prospects Until They Are Ready To Buy

We mentioned this in point 3. above, but we think it merits a point on its own.  Typically the B2B buying process, or sales journey, is not linear. It usually involves teams of people, from multiple departments, each doing their own research.

A modern outsourced sales for start-ups partner will have the skills and methodology you need to build your market visibility. Sales outsourcing for start-ups can take care of interacting with your potential buyers at each stage of the customer journey, handling both inbound enquiries and making outbound connections.

Remember, it can often take multiple ‘touches’ to nurture and qualify a prospect; this is where the right outsourced sales partner will excel. This is why, at Pace, we prefer to set financial targets, rather than purely numeric KPIs, because it motivates and incentivises our teams to build the quality relationships that ensures prospects will convert to customers.

10. Access to a broader range of sales expertise

We may have alluded to this point earlier in the blog, but its importance cannot be under-estimated. The sales industry is evolving at a faster speed than ever before; new marketing automation and CRM systems, sales tools and approaches seem to be announced every week!

Even more importantly, buyer behaviour is changing as more and more of the B2B sales journey moves online. It can be hard to keep up with all the latest thinking in the industry. An expert outsourced sales partner for start-ups can provide access to the full range of sales expertise you need to make sure your sales strategy stays relevant.

Looking For Expert Outsourced Sales Services?

At Pace, we provide both inbound sales and outbound sales professionals, who will act as an extension of your business. We only hire ambitious top-tier graduates and we take time to train them; not only that but we ensure they understand your business too.

We also give them the support they need to fulfill your potential as well as providing our start-up clients direct access to our senior team.

With Pace as your outsourced sales partner for start-ups, you are not just appointing a telesales team; you are tapping into a team of sales experts who can help with B2B lead generation. This is something we are very passionate about. Our mission is to help steer the industry into an exciting future.

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