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Committed to Innovation

Committed to Innovation

At Brand Connections, we’ve had one consistent purpose: to solve the problems marketers face today.  We listened to what they wanted and learned what they didn’t. We heard about the inefficiencies of the big agency holding companies and the struggles of working with multiple, boutique agencies. We heard their annoyance with agency “pitch teams” and the challenges of dealing with primarily junior account talent. We asked hundreds of marketers how they would structure an agency, because the best answers usually come straight from the source. Marketers needed a better agency model. They didn’t want MORE agency partners, but quality over quantity.

The mission became clear: Create a truly integrated, cross-discipline agency with solid account teams supported by rock star specialists. Focus on the most-needed tactics, together, to deliver an omni-channel message. Eliminate silos and conflicting agendas that hold traditional agency holding companies back. Stay current by looking forward. Oh, and hire really smart, hard-working, FUN people since we’re going to be spending a lot of time together.


At Brand Connections we believe building a company that embraces and welcomes change is why we’ve become a marketing agency known for innovation.

While we don’t have a giant poster in our lobby touting our mission statement (the work does that for us), we embrace a culture that is embodied by our 4 Pillars of Conduct: Accountability, Consistency, Effectiveness and Harmony.

Our belief in Accountability led us to change how we run meetings; allowing a maximum of 30 minutes and encouraging 15-minute meetings, walking meetings and standing meetings. All while training our employees on how to prepare and focus on action.  We set expectations to assign tasks during meetings and making each employee accountable for their own deliverables.

We promote consistency by sourcing processes from the bottom up. A leadership team of employee volunteers from all levels of the company meets monthly to identify and solve organizational issues that hinder consistency. They determine what challenges need solving and outline processes and best practices to get the job done.

Effectiveness means finding the right solution for a client’s business challenge. We have an industry-leading company education program consisting of company-wide trainings on innovative technology and strategies. This allows us to implement cutting-edge solutions across all divisions.

When we hire, Harmony is one of the most important criteria. We have trained managers at an organizational and departmental level about the value of cultural fit. As a result, harmony has become a major way in which we evaluate potential and current talent.

Our innovative culture has led to transformative moments for our company, resulting in a wide range of new services and products that are helping to reach our dream of Making Marketing Easier for Marketers.

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