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Empowering Your Marketplace with Seamless Seller Onboarding

Expanding your virtual multi-vendor marketplace or B2B/B2C eCommerce platform requires a strategic approach to attract sellers effectively. Fulcrum stands ready to assist you in navigating the acquisition process, whether you’re looking to buy or sell. With over a decade of experience across various industries and a wealth of on-ground expertise, we are well-equipped to connect you with the right acquisition partners tailored to your business.

Seller Acquisition Teams

Fulcrum employs a highly effective and cost-efficient method for seller acquisition through field sales teams. Our client-centric approach includes:

  • Planning and Targeting:
    • Identification of target cities, markets, and categories.
    • Deployment of representatives strategically based in the territory.
  • Field Team Management:
    • Hiring, training, and operations management of field teams.
    • Development of a comprehensive field deployment plan.
  • Localized Expertise:
    • Utilization of teams fluent in local languages for effective communication.
    • End-to-end seller onboarding and reporting to the client.
  • Daily Reporting and Follow-up:
    • Provision of daily acquisition reports and target planning.
    • Continuous follow-up for sustained seller engagement.

Seller Training and Support Services

Ensuring a smooth onboarding process and continued seller growth is vital. Fulcrum provides a range of services, including:

  • Registration and KYC:
    • Seamless onboarding with thorough registration and KYC processes.
  • Training and Awareness:
    • Providing training and awareness sessions on products and services.
    • Motivational engagement with merchants to foster a positive relationship.
  • Cataloging and Account Management:
    • Assistance in product upload and cataloging.
    • Training in effective account management for sustained success.
  • Lead Generation and Growth:
    • Lead generation strategies for successful onboarding.
    • Incubation and growth support for sellers on the client’s marketplace.

Our Onboarding Work Experience

Fulcrum offers smart marketing solutions for a variety of domains, including:

  • Marketplaces and E-commerce
  • Business Listing on Online Directories
  • Merchant Onboarding for Payment and Fintech Apps
  • On-demand Service Platforms
  • Utility Platforms
  • Education and Learning Platforms
  • Content Distribution Platforms
  • Home Maintenance Services Providers
  • Car and Bike Service Centers

Continuous Seller Acquisition Focus

Our commitment extends beyond the initial onboarding. We focus on:

  • Acquiring high-value sellers for your portal.
  • Managing relationships with sellers post-acquisition.
  • Providing market insights to enhance competitiveness.

Project Success Highlights

Our approach resulted in:

  • Onboarding new sellers across diverse categories in 20+ cities.
  • Maintaining high seller quality without compromise.
  • Effective training and management ensuring field team productivity.

Connect with Us

Ready to set up your seller acquisition strategy? Fulcrum is here to assist. Contact us to plan and execute a robust marketing strategy that propels your marketplace to new heights.

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