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Dahisar, mumbai


    Located in the suburbs of Mumbai, it is home to many heritage temples.



    You can travel by Dahisar bus station and Dahisar bridge bus station. Some of the major buses include 207, 215, 348 ltd, C-12 exp, 708 ltd, 208 and 209. The bridge bus stations are 203, 210, 489, 260 rings, 245 rings. The area offers access to various important roads and has its own railway station too.

    Real Estate

    There are a few residential complexes in the locality and many more are being developed by leading builders.

    Social Infrastructure

    The Dahisar Sports Foundation is a major landmark in the area along with the Dahisar Talao. The Johny Maidan is another landmark along with the NL Complex. The area offers access to several temples and educational institutions in addition to hospitals, restaurants and entertainment areas.



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