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Appointment Setting

We build the list, qualify the account, set the appointment and hand off to your team.


B2B appointment setting is a sales method that consists of experienced sales representatives engaging in the prospecting steps of the sales method. Once the original rep has recorded a follow-up call with the client, a closing sales rep takes over to promote the end stages of the sales process. 

People in the sales industry tend to be highly motivated and scrappy, attaining their aims by any means necessary. However, just because a representative can catch every aspect of the sales process as one person, doesn’t always mean they should all be on their own. After all, different sales representatives have different strengths and fields of expertise.

we’ve perfected the art of B2B lead generation using our B2B appointment setting service. Through phone, email, social, and web, we’ve repeatedly proven that we can plug any sale into our system and generate the desired outcome. Our finely-tuned processes will consistently deliver qualified sales opportunities to your closers so they can stay laser-focused on interested prospects. Working with our team of experts, you’ll meet with qualified B2B companies through our proven appointment-setting methods.

Our full-funnel method ensures that your team does not burn through leads. We combine our lead generation services and follow the lead until you have a fully qualified appointment with a decision-maker. Once we transition the appointment to your sales team, we measure the ROI to determine the quality of the lead and appointment.


Outsourcing lead generation to our team of B2B appointment setting experts,


The difference between success and failure often lies in the details, and we’re fixated on them. Our experience has taught us how to approach prospects from every imaginable industry. For example, we use a different contact strategy for each appointment setting campaign based on the desired title, vertical, company profile, and more. We use historical data in your target space to increase our efficiency. Your team will learn from Laumnch Leads’ collaborative partnership.

Our lead development strategy has been tested time and again. We set your appointments and put them on your sales teams’ calendars. We fully vet each prospect and qualify them against your parameters, so your team isn’t spinning their wheels with low-value clients.

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Outsource B2B Appointment Setting

When you outsource B2B appointment setting, Fulcrum’s sales development representatives focus on nurturing prospects in the early stages of the sales cycle. Appointment setters have a unique set of skills and adhere to consistent improvement. B2B appointment setting is especially effective at demand creation, wherein the value of your products and services are demonstrated for potential leads. By attracting prospects outside of the sales funnel, lead nurturing can target prospects, create interest, reach key decision-makers, and deliver the most qualified prospects to your sales team at the right stage of the sales journey.

complete the sales process and focus on closing deals.

We continue to invest in cutting-edge technology to meet the growing demands of our clients. Through our innovative use of sales and marketing automation, we deliver more in less time. Our custom-built dialing platforms analyze lead-list data in real time and prioritize leads based on time of day, the number of previous attempts, lead status, email opens, and more. Partnering with Launch Leads gives you a distinct edge over your competition.

Our technology resources and databases inform and drive our decisions every day. Take advantage of real-time data to improve your messaging on inbound and outbound lead generation activities. As your campaign progresses and we gather more data points, you can create better messaging for your market segments.

Benefits of Appointment Setting Service

Reduce Costs – The practical culmination of these benefits is the overall costs. Hiring a B2B appointment setting company reduces costs for small to medium-sized businesses by taking on tasks such as lead generation, appointment setting, and sales outreach.

This reduced cost is even more dramatically evident at scale. Working with lead generation experts provides flexibility and adaptability to alter efforts seasonally and to scale. For businesses that experience seasonal changes and rapid growth, appointment setting services can expand or wane alongside your business.

Save Time

Relationship Building

Reach More Leads

Technology and Tools

Improve Sales Efficiency

Specialized Expertise

We help you achieve these goals in a short turnaround time for your brand.

While staying invisible to your prospects, we design our appointment setting services to represent your company as you would. We look and feel just like your inside business development team. We use an email account set upon your domain to communicate to your future clients and always take the responsibility of representing your brand seriously. You’ve spent years defining yourself; we help you keep your good name.

We carefully train our agents using your materials. We monitor their activities for quality assurance to provide you with the peace of mind that we’re representing your brand and your company in the most professional manner possible.

We’ve created several success stories by assisting brands in growing their business while understanding the pulse of their requirements and reaching their target audience

our outbound marketing discovers possibilities that become part of your future sales strategy.

Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.

Appointment setting is the final step in the lead generation process. At this stage, a prospect has moved through the lead generation funnel, been qualified, and has expressed interest in speaking to a sales representative. We carefully screen the prospect for the following:

  • Are they the decision-maker?
  • Do they have the needed budget?
  • Are they likely to purchase your product or service?

We may also include additional screening depending on the criteria specific to your business. 

Now, our representatives coordinate the prospect’s calendar and availability with a sales representative and set the appointment. The prospect and sales representative receive an invitation, schedule the appointment, and confirm their availability.

An appointment setter utilizes a process to reach out to prospects, qualifies those prospects, and then grades the prospect. Once they have determined the quality of the lead, they then reach out to the prospect to set up an appointment.

This process can require multiple touchpoints, including calls and emails, to coordinate schedules and remove gatekeepers.

Appointment setters do not want to set up appointments with people who are not the ultimate decision makers, but they may have to speak to several of these people along the way to get to the decision maker.

This journey requires lead nurturing to help get the lead ready to buy. Once the prospect has reached that critical juncture, the appointment setter works to set up the appointment.

Several indicators may alert you that your business should hire an appointment setting service. One of the most significant indicators is your conversion rate.

If your marketing team is driving leads, but those leads aren’t converting, it may be time to hire a professional service that can better qualify your leads and improve your bottom line.

Another key indicator is if your sales team is having difficulty connecting with key decision-makers or the sales journey is taking too long. These inefficiencies can kill your ROI and conversion rates, and an appointment setting service can help improve those numbers.

If your retention rates are down, you may be selling, but you may not be selling to the right audience. An appointment setting service can better qualify leads, so they reach out to customers who are likely to buy again from your company.

Finally, if you don’t have the resources or talent to generate leads and set appointments, it’s better to outsource these services than try to hire and train an in-house team. You may lose out on opportunities while trying to build out your internal resources.

An appointment setter’s primary job is to drive sales-qualified leads and prospects to the sales team. They aim to make an appointment with a prospect who has met a list of criteria.

The difference between an appointment setter and a sales representative is their goals. The appointment setter wants the prospect to speak with a sales representative. The sales representative wants the prospect to purchase their service or product.

While an appointment setter may have a great deal of information on the product or service, they won’t have the depth of knowledge the sales representative does.

For example, an appointment setter may understand a software program’s various features and benefits. However, a sales representative will be able to demonstrate the software program and show prospects exactly how to use the software.

An appointment setter and a sales representative are members of the same team. During their qualifying calls, an appointment setter may learn critical information about the prospect’s motivations for buying, their concerns, and what features they care about. The appointment setter can relay that information to the sales representative, who can then structure his pitch or demo.

Appointment setting services vary by the project. Your needs may differ from one project to the next and will depend on the project’s scope. The types of leads and appointments needed can impact the cost. For example, it may cost more to set up appointments with CEOs and COOs than it does for a consumer of a household product. Generally, the more gatekeepers between the decision maker and the sales representative, the higher the cost.

Our reporting system helps you see the data and the ROI. At Launch Leads, we will provide a quote once we have thoroughly assessed your needs and project. Furthermore, we will be transparent in how that money is being spent and used to develop and qualify your leads.

We offer two pricing models:

  • Monthly retainer
  • Pay for performance

Contact one of our sales representatives to learn what services and models best fit your needs.

Hiring an appointment setting service is just as critical as hiring new team members. We are, after all, an extension of your team.

Set up an initial needs assessment and consultation to hire the right appointment setting service. Determine whether the company is a good fit by looking at what they focus on.

They should focus on understanding your goals, your company, and how they can help you improve your bottom line. A good company will be transparent about its process and plans to achieve those results and provide up-to-date data and reports on its efforts.

If you are looking for ways of improving your sales, look no further than appointment setting services. Appointment setting companies focus on booking sit-down appointments with interested playmakers in your ideal client demographic. Not only do appointment setting service providers understand how to increase interest in your product, but they handle sales areas often forgotten by in-house sales teams and novice lead generation providers.

Appointment setting focuses on getting in touch with top-tier contacts to make the decisions necessary to do business with your company. An appointment setting company will lay the groundwork for making our way up the chain. So when you sit down for your sales meetings, you meet with the industry playmakers ready to move forward.

Launch Leads’ appointment-setting services optimize your sales strategy so that your business grows exponentially throughout time. You can count on our experts to set appointments with your ideal clients, thanks to years of experience creating winning strategies for our clients. Discover what makes Launch Leads a top-rated appointment-setting company in several sectors by contacting us today for a Free Needs Assessment.

Appointment setting is a proven methodology in sales that increases sales opportunities for companies in various industries. Appointment setting services include different tactics that gather the interest of key decision-makers in your industry, as well as deliver qualified sales appointments.

Working from the ground up, Launch Leads unleashes a custom appointment-setting strategy using several methodologies. With our team of experts, you’ll meet with qualified decision-makers through our proven appointment-setting methods. Whether through the phone, email, social, or the web, our clients gain interest from their ideal clients. Launch Leads proves time and again that we can plug opportunity goals into our system and generate the desired outcome for our clients.

One of the main advantages of partnering with an appointment-setting company is time management. Along with receiving expert guidance from our B2B experts, you have time to focus on other parts of your business while we optimize your sales strategy. Stay laser-focused on running your business by letting our finely-tuned processes do what they do best— consistently deliver qualified sales opportunities to your closers.

The Fulcrum difference will make your company a standout in the business world. We center our approach on the premise that reliability, transparency, and communication are the cornerstones of successful partnerships. Working with our B2B lead generation experts, you’ll find new customers, foster growth, and drive your business forward. We will continually work with you to optimize our game plan so that we can constantly add to your business as growth continues to build.

Launch Leads is your partner for an improved B2B lead generation strategy. You can count on our experts to consistently outperform your competitors, thanks to years of experience creating winning strategies for our clients. With nearly a decade of experience working with enterprise, mid-market, and start-up companies, Launch Leads understands how to make successful partnerships with each of our clients. Working with us, you can apply a proven B2B lead generation solution that keeps performance high and business growing.

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