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    Fulcrum Event  is a full event service and brand activation company specializing in Conferencing, Brand Activations, sampling, sales, Concert Production and Installation.We have discovered that having a strong and dedicated team results in a superior company.We recognize that most technology is similar, but the high quality of service we provide is what makes an experience extraordinary.

    We fully understand the importance of building trustworthy relationships with our clients, and are very fortunate to be in this exciting and eventful industry, and genuinely enjoy giving back to others.

    Our Process

    When it comes to planning & executing live events, we know how complicated the process can be. From fieldwork, emails, phone calls and texts to signing with vendors and organizing your team; it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

    we’ve developed a standardized process over  events to streamline your experience, keep everybody accountable to timelines and organize us all. We call it the Roadmap To Success .

    The Roadmap To Sucess

    We know that processes can be tedious, so we’ve done the hard work for you. The Roadmap to Success is a living Project Management System that keeps us and you accountable to a timeline to ensure your story is made on time and on budget.

    When we deliver your Roadmap, you’ll see the entire project broken down into tasks assigned to your Fulcrum team members and you as we travel toward the event. Regular meetings will be driven by these tasks and we’re not unrealistic: those meetings are where we remain flexible and shift as things inevitably change.

    Most importantly, our RTS frees you up to focus on what really matters: creating an immersive experience that tells your story.

    Our experienced team works with you to identify your definition of event success and uncover technical requirements, budgets and designs parameters. Using this information, we apply our agile project management methods to build an event approach custom to you, ensuring efficiency and razor focus on your goals

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