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Merchandising Services

    At Fulcrum, product merchandising is a cornerstone of our retail support and field marketing services. We operate with a dynamic merchandising model based on our data analytics, choosing key stores for merchandising based on compliance data, sales data, locations data – for example, targeting problem stores based on historical compliance data and working with problem stores using our historical compliance data to tackle issues.We work with our clients to be their eyes and ears on the ground to ensure:

    • The right stock levels at the right price, in the right space, in the right stores, at the right time
    • Enforce planogram compliance
    • Maximise availability of products
    • Maximise visibility of products
    • Maximise sales of products

    What makes us different?

    • Our technology

    Our field team are supported by our award-winning tablet deployment which connects directly to our central database, which means our clients get regular feedback.  We can react to any last-minute changes in brief or unforeseen circumstances.  Our team also have access to our repository of store & sales data, from stock allocations to PODs, in addition to history and analytics allowing them to make rapid, effective, intelligent recommendations on the ground.

    No paper copy or updating spreadsheets – if there is a last-minute planogram change or we need to get a message to the field team, it happens in real-time.

    • Our people

    We have huge network of amazing field team.  Our tech means that our resource and travel can be managed at a local level, so that our team can be deployed efficiently and effectively to the right stores at the right time.

    • Our relationships

    Our field team is managed locally and have good relationships with store colleagues, allowing us to get premium placement on the shop floor.

    Our clients rely on us for recommendations and want us involved in the planning stage – they value our input and our experience.

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