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Merchant & Seller Acquisition

    It’s time to put these resources to work for you.
    Are you interested in acquiring a seller and Merchant? our Seller Acquisition Services and Merchant Acquisition Services can assist you with identifying seller and merchant within several market types, including product seller and services provider. Tell us what type of asset class you are interested in purchasing. We will use our extensive network to find a seller that meets your specifications.
    We offer services beginning with valuation of the online market, the preparation of a marketing plan and marketing documents. We want to minimize disruption to your usual business routine and distraction from your responsibilities to the smooth operation of the business during the Seller Acquisition or Merchant Registration process.
    We are directly involved in the start-up process of a new company specializing in bulk seller and merchant registration and, as a result, our knowledge and fieldwork area is not limited to marketing area of the business.

    Through our relationships within the industry, Fulcrum is well suited to bring quality merchants to your E-commerce portal and App.

    Our Merchant or Seller Acquisition Services include:
    Seller Acquisition Services
    Merchant Registration Services
    Merchant sourcing
    Merchant account activation
    Selling of complimentary products
    Your Brand Promotions
    Merchant training
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