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    What is our definition of Field Marketing? Well we believe it is using our field-based people resources coupled with our Head Office expertise to give our clients ‘competitive advantage’ in achieving superior ‘Sales Activation’ at the point of purchase.

    In short, we have experienced sales people who can visit the Top 4 Grocery Multiples, Coops, Convenience, Petrol Stations, Cash & Carries, High Street stores, DIY sheds as well as B2B – in fact anywhere that products are sold.


    Field Marketing is about providing Outsourced Sales Teams on either a Contracted or Tactical basis – in effect, we can tailor a service based purely on your requirements and budget across the following services:

    Merchandising – after you have spent all that money on designing, producing & marketing your product….. is it on the shelf, the correct position and priced?

    Compliance – That Promotional Gondola End, Ladder Rack, Floor Display/Pallet Stack you paid a lot of money for….. is it ‘live’ and is all that POS material being used and is it well stocked?

    Distribution Drives – New Product launch, need to increase your share or just want volume – we can take stock via car or van to the retailers, sell it in, and get it on display and selling. Alternatively – we can take transfer orders and communicate these to nominated suppliers.

    Business to Business Sales – We can recruit a permanent high-performance team to represent you with your customers, from board level down! This can be a product requiring a ‘technical’ sell through to traditional FMCG products.

    Auditing – Knowledge is Power….. but you need data to give you the knowledge your products are on sale, competitor activity, stock situation – we can collect that information and our Insights Team can provide you with analysis so you know precisely what is happening, or more importantly….. what needs to happen!

    Point of Sale Material – that FSDU you paid a fortune to your design agency and printer….. we ensure it sees the light of day, or more importantly the light of the customer!! We can ‘walk it’ into store and site.

    Call Files – Knowing where to go is pretty key and we have comprehensive call files of all the major Grocery retailers, over 40,000 Convenience retailers & CTN, Pubs, Clubs. This allows us to help you.

    Logistics – we can take volume deliveries of POS material into our warehouse, consolidate it and deliver it to our Field Sales Execs ready for them to walk into store (we can also deliver direct to store) so you only deliver in bulk to us and we do the rest!! We have one of the slickest and most responsive services in the business.

    Reporting – It is all very well us doing all the above but you need to know the benefits and we bespoke call reports based on what you need to know. They can either be collect ‘real-time’ or overnight via the internet and on your computer by 10.00am the following day. At the end of the campaign we provide you with a full face to face debrief along with mutual learnings, issues and opportunities. Of course, we also keep you advised up to the minute if anything occurs that we think you need to know immediately.



    Interested in joining the team? We have opportunities in Merchandising, Auditing, Sales & POS Placement.What do we offer?

    • Work with some of the INDIA’s biggest brands
    • Flexible hours to suit your lifestyle
    • Part-time and full-time hours available throughout the year
    • A competitive hourly rate alongside fuel expenses for each call.
    • All you need to apply is:
    • A smartphone/tablet with a built in camera
    • A form of transport to/from store visits
    • The ability to store & carry POS displays for a short period of time
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