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    BANGALORE BANGALORE Bangalore lies in the southeast of the South Indian state of Karnataka. After Mumbai and Delhi, Bangalore is India’s third most populated city with fastest growth in Real estate. Bangalore can be classified into five zones-North, East, West, South and Central.Bangalore, capital city of Karnataka got its name from Kannada word “benda kaalu… Read More »Bangalore

    Planning Management

    LFulcrum are a very useful partner to have involved in space realignment or store refitting projects.  We pride ourselves on our extensive, comprehensive store and space data – thanks to our award-winning tablet deployment and locally managed field teams providing real time feedback in stores. Our clients rely on us to maintain store data, keep… Read More »Planning Management

    Product Sampling

    As part of our portfolio of retail and event support services, Fulcrum have a specialist division (Fulcrum engage) for delivering product demonstration and product sampling. We create engaging communications with consumers through memorable, face-to-face experiences and a try before you buy approach, performing live product demonstrations, communicating key messages and handing out samples in key… Read More »Product Sampling

    Merchandising Services

    At Fulcrum, product merchandising is a cornerstone of our retail support and field marketing services. We operate with a dynamic merchandising model based on our data analytics, choosing key stores for merchandising based on compliance data, sales data, locations data – for example, targeting problem stores based on historical compliance data and working with problem stores… Read More »Merchandising Services

    Free Sampling Activities

    Market Research Interviewer Career

    We support brand enterprises willing to learn by means of efficient market research for better decisions and strategies. If you are keen to perform and develop yourself in a company in which … enthusiasm, passion and quality commitment come before short-term profit decisions and customer-oriented processes have priority over hierarchies and quickly take… Read More »Market Research Interviewer Career

    Social Media Marketing Internship

    Responsibilities and Duties Selected intern’s day-to-day responsibilities include: Manage and maintain the organization’s social media accounts Write and optimize content for social networking accounts such as Twitter and Instagram Post interesting and related stuff regularly Build and execute social media strategy through competitive and audience research Work on product branding Engage in social media profile… Read More »Social Media Marketing Internship

    Product Ordering, Stock Management & Replenishment

    As part of what we do, clients often ask Fulcrum to manage product ordering.  Our clients trust our familiarity with stores and products to make intelligent orders and adjust stock replenishment levels. Our field teams will often think about stock levels as a matter of course when merchandising in store.  Thanks to our award-winning tablet… Read More »Product Ordering, Stock Management & Replenishment

    App Launches Promotion

    This is a relatively new App Launches Promotion, but with so many amazing and important Apps coming to market, Fulcrum has made a conscious effort to develop expertise in the launch and promotion of Apps for a whole new client base. Using our promotional staff has a huge positive effect on app downloads. Brand ambassadors… Read More »App Launches Promotion

    Recruitment Process

    Fulcrum was founded in 2007 to fill the gap in the market that existed for well trained promotional staff and hosts for events. Many of our promotional staff have worked with us for several years. As we are well known in the industry, we receive a host of applications through our website every day. Join… Read More »Recruitment Process

    Digital Marketing Internship

    About the internship Selected interns day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Conducting online marketing campaigns on email and social media2. Understand and work on SEO concepts, maintain and monitor keyword bids, account dailyand monthly budget caps, impression share, quality score3. Monitor and administer web analytics dashboards, and point out key areas of importance4. Work on lead generation… Read More »Digital Marketing Internship

    Our Services Traditional and Digital marketing

    We’ve used our expertise in traditional and digital marketing to help clients build their brands and grow their businesses. Advertising We’ll help you create high quality digital, print, radio and tv advertisements to promote your products, services, or causes. Branding We ‘ll help you establish your brands identity ,look and feel and make sure you… Read More »Our Services Traditional and Digital marketing


    OUR FIELD MARKETING SERVICES OUR DEFINITION What is our definition of Field Marketing? Well we believe it is using our field-based people resources coupled with our Head Office expertise to give our clients ‘competitive advantage’ in achieving superior ‘Sales Activation’ at the point of purchase. In short, we have experienced sales people who can visit the Top 4 Grocery… Read More »OUR FIELD MARKETING SERVICES


    In Store Promotions

    Our logistical infrastructure enables us to perform walk ins nationwide with a locally managed team that is familiar with the store, has a good relationship with store colleagues and a good working knowledge of the store and the store’s space.  Our team can cover more than 5000 calls in a day, secure the agreed space… Read More »In Store Promotions

    Food and Beverage Sampling

    Get your food and beverage products in front of your target consumers where they work FOOD AND BEVERAGE SAMPLING – One of the best ways to drive brand loyalty, launch a new product or generate product awareness for an existing brand is simple: get people to experience your product using their senses. For more than… Read More »Food and Beverage Sampling


    MERCHANDISING Our field team are experts at ensuring your product is presented in the best possible light on shelf, whether it be one product, one shelf, a category or even a whole store. We’ve done it across most categories and our attention to detail ensures the products are faced up consistently, multiple facings where applicable… Read More »OUR SERVICES

    Stock Checking

    Fulcrum offer valuable front-line support to our retail clients through our stocktaking, stock checking & auditing services. Our nationwide network of locally managed teams have great relationships with their local stores and access to comprehensive store data via our system (our mobile data capture system).  They routinely conduct stock counts on both the shop floor… Read More »Stock Checking

    How We Work

    You get a consultative approach to your assignments Here’s what you can expect by contracting with Fulcrum resources. Depending upon the scope of your assignment, we do our homework by getting to know your customer, your products, your selling processes, your database and any test results. This review alone almost always uncovers ways to increase… Read More »How We Work

    Door to Door Promotions

    Door to Door Promotions Door to Door marketing To the new comers door to door marketing may sound like hectic and less successful idea but we are in this business since last 10 years. We have proven results from our door to door/ face to face marketing campaign. Door to Door marketing means our sales… Read More »Door to Door Promotions

    Merchandising Audits & Planogram Compliance

    Merchandising Audits & Planogram Compliance Fulcrum maximize the effectiveness of our client’s promotions, displays and fixtures thorough and intelligent auditing and compliance services. Any field marketing campaigns or promotions are only effective if they are correctly and punctually implemented on location.         Fulcrum can audit and enforce compliance by ensuring: Asset walk-ins and… Read More »Merchandising Audits & Planogram Compliance

    Our Field Marketing

    Our Field marketing team is a strategy that deploys teams of sales and marketing professionals supporting your brand to make sure you gain the greatest possible presence and can leverage and negotiate competitive advantage directly with retailers, shoppers and consumers: Our success also comes from the way we integrate with our clients. We are  open,… Read More »Our Field Marketing

    Brand Activation Services

    Our Skilled Promotions and Activations Team Demonstrate the Key Selling Points of Your Product/service, Engaging Directly with the Customer and Making Your Brand the Preferred Choice. Brand activations can help companies launch or re-launch brands, leverage new partnerships, and influence new and returning audiences.  They allow consumers to experience a product or service which in… Read More »Brand Activation Services

    in-store promotion

    in-store promotion Currently companies are experiencing challenges in recruiting, managing and retaining in-store sales promoters and In-Store Promotion. Fulcrum offers a fully functional outsourcing solution that delivers guaranteed sales results. In turn this creates the opportunity for larger budget allocation to this area of business as well as a greater return on investment (ROI). Whether… Read More »in-store promotion

    Industries We Serve

    Need more customer for your business? Our outdoor and BTL Marketing strategies including hand to hand marketing, traffic signs ads, and door hangers will consistently drive people to your practice. Our advertising options are much more affordable then the traditional methods of advertising like direct leaflet and BTL marketing, plus they produce far better results.… Read More »Industries We Serve

    Mystery Shopping

    Fulcrum have a specialist division dedicated to providing “mystery shopper” services for our clients.  Unannounced mystery shopper visits ensure that the face to face elements of a promotion are being delivered correctly.  Just as Auditing and Compliance checking are a key part of POS displays, Floor Standing Display Unit (FSDU) deployments and in-store seasonal promotions, ensuring… Read More »Mystery Shopping

    Leaflet Distribution

    Leaflet Distribution Door-to-door leaflet distribution has a wealth of advantages. Perhaps the most important factor is that it’s far more cost-effective, and indeed effective, than many traditional marketing routes. It’s a simple and affordable way to spread the word about your business, highlight a specific product or service, or even promote your values in your… Read More »Leaflet Distribution

    POS Displays & Promotional Campaigns

    Fulcrum can ensure maximal effectiveness of our clients promotional campaigns and POS displays. There are many advantages to working with us: Our teams are managed locally but connected to our central repository via our award winning tablet deployment. This means our team have excellent relationships with the store managers and colleagues and know the local… Read More »POS Displays & Promotional Campaigns

    Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing The world is changing and so is the media landscape. Digital Marketing is overtaking every other media source for advertising rupees. Navigating the complex world of digital media can be difficult, confusing and frustrating. Let Fulcrum Advertising make sense of it for you. When it comes to digital marketing you want to work… Read More »Digital Marketing

    Sale Activation Services

    Sale Activation Services Fulcrum was set up in 2008 with a simple mission – to be the type of sale activation agency WE had always wanted to work for, but never found. Our founding Partners are still very much involved in the agency and client activity both having previously run successful agencies and also been client-side.We… Read More »Sale Activation Services


    OUR PROCESS We focus on you, your business, your audience and your market…By getting a clear understanding of what you do, your business objectives, the market you are operating in and who you need to reach out to, we can develop a highly informed communications strategy linked to your business objectives. Our Three-Phase Process Encompasses… Read More »OUR PROCESS


    Consumer perceptions of your product, service or brand is directly affected by person-to-person interaction.  FIELD MARKETING Consumer perceptions of your product, service or brand is directly affected by person-to-person interaction. Consumers expect a “live experience” and organisations that utilise this approach set themselves apart from their competitors which in turn benefits their bottom line. Making… Read More »FIELD MARKETING RECRUITMENT

    Sales Promoter

    Job Summary Fulcrum is Mumbai & Pune base Company that is dedicated to Marketing and advertising companies with high quality, ethical, outsourced sales through transparent and effective business programs. We are a branding and advertising company. We promote business locally with many different ideas and things, we want the sales promoter. The candidate has an… Read More »Sales Promoter


    Here at Fulcrum Advertising, we pride our business on exceeding each and every client’s expectations by taking a close look at their individual business needs. Since no one industry or client is the same, applying the same cookie cutter formula for each would be near impossible. Instead, we take a different approach by assessing each… Read More »WHAT WE DO

    Performance & Retail Data Analytics

    At Fulcrum, we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our data and using that data for insightful reporting and detailed retail data analytics is a cornerstone of all the services we provide to our clients. Field Marketing Data Capture Thanks to our award-winning tablet deployment and our central system (our mobile data capture system), our… Read More »Performance & Retail Data Analytics

    Street Team Marketing

    Street Team Marketing Street Team Marketing is the planning, staffing, training, outfitting, deployment and management of brand ambassadors to promote events, product releases, plus create consumer engagement and sharable experiences. street team marketing is typically deployed on public sidewalks around around transit stations, shopping districts, campuses, business districts and city events to distribute trial-size samples… Read More »Street Team Marketing

    Retail Marketing Support Services

    Fulcrum is a promotional and experiential field marketing agency that provides face to face retail support services to retailers, suppliers and manufacturers.We provides professional Retail Marketing, high quality retail sales support services on behalf of leading brands, retailers and manufacturers throughout India.Our primary aim is to help our clients achieve their business objectives. This means… Read More »Retail Marketing Support Services

    Products Sampling Events

    Looking for the Sampling Promoters to Distribute Your Products? Getting Your Products Noticed Tried by Consumers, and Turn Shoppers into Buyers Fulcrum has been creating and accomplishing outstanding Product sampling events that generates results. We benefit in creating, planning and executing agenda from conception to completion. It is important to us at Fulcrum to get your product into the… Read More »Products Sampling Events

    Demonstration Activities

    Demonstration Activities Demonstration Activities In an increasingly competitive retail space, Demonstration Activities and in-store product sampling offer brands a unique opportunity to cut through the noise and engage with customers in a fun and engaging way that creates brand awareness, builds loyalty and drives sales.Fulcrum specialise in producing and implementing highly effective Demonstration Activities and  in-store sampling by creating a… Read More »Demonstration Activities

    Promoters Jobs

    JOB ROLE & SKILLS REQUIRED : *Organize the store display.*Achieving budgeted Sales target.*Assisted customers with product selection and queries.*Decent Communication skill*Working Experience as Sales Promoter*Experience- Electronic Retail Sales*Traveling around the City and visiting Garment Retail Stores and Inviting them for our upcoming Exhibition in Pune And Mumbai*Should be familiar with city and willing to travel… Read More »Promoters Jobs


    Previous Next A FULL  SALES & BRAND PROMOTION AGENCY. Local Event Management Companies Fulcrum’s Team is Delivering the RIGHT PRODUCT, at the  RIGHT PRICE, through the RIGHT CHANNEL, to the RIGHT AUDIENCE, at the RIGHT TIME!” We’ll conduct the research, develop the strategy, manage the schedule and budget, develop killer creative and execute everything for you. We offer a wide… Read More »Home

    Content Writing Internship

    About the internship Selected intern’s day-to-day responsibilities include: Writing original content for websites, portal blogs, and marketing as per the requirement Ensuring the accuracy of written content grammar, fact-checking, brevity, etc. Writing in a variety of styles and formats considering the website theme, subjectivity and targeted audience Developing content keeping in mind the keyword density/keyword… Read More »Content Writing Internship


    Staffing Fulcrum – Achieving Success Together. From our headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra and through 3 offices in Maharashtra, Specialized Staffing Solutions offers full-service staffing in Office Professional, Light Industrial/Manufacturing, and Technical/Professional disciplines. We can provide employees to fit your company’s changing needs.  Our screening and recruiting process will help us find and identify quality people… Read More »Staffing

    Trade Show Activation

    Trade Show Activation ideas, brand installations, and attendee activities to generate engagement Trade Show Activation is the creation and deployment of unique experiential marketing ideas to attract and engage event attendees. Whether it is a convention, fair, expo or trade show marketing is essential to create a brand presence, attract attendees, increase dwell time, provide… Read More »Trade Show Activation


    Promotions Want to find out how we can improve efficiencies on your brand communication activities and at a better cost? Fulcrum is a progressive & creative organization, specializing in Sales, Marketing, Brand Promotions, Training & Development and Brand Activation. The organization started up in Maharashtra in 2007. As a results-based company, we have provided our… Read More »Promotions

    Product Launches

    Product Launches About Us and Product Launch Our aim is to be your outsourced Field Sales Partner of choice. We work in partnership with our clients to Product Launch and  activate sales and deliver retail excellence. We do this through empowering our Field Sales teams with clear objectives, sense of purpose and effective technology, and measure our success by evaluating the return on… Read More »Product Launches


    PEOPLE TO PEOPLE MARKETING ALWAYS WINS. There are not many marketing companies in Adelaide that have marketing consultants with national and international experience. With our extensive experience, Fulcrum have the expertise to service any industry of any size. Our marketing consultants specialise in Marketing Strategy, Marketing Planning and On Ground Marketing throughout Mumbai and Pune. Our team at Fulcrum helps you to increase your… Read More »EXPERIENCE

    Brand Promotions

    Brand Promotions We Grow Brands. Fast. Planning, Budgeting, and Implementation We know that you need an expert Brand Promotions Agency behind you; we get it! That’s why we designed everything we do around growing your brand. View our work to find out what we can do for you! Fulcrum is a full-service marketing agency leveraging… Read More »Brand Promotions

    Sales Executive

    Job Summary 1- Acquire the new customers.2- Generate the new sales leads.3- Responsible to follow up and closure of the leads & achieve the target.4- Maintaining fruitful relationships with the clients.5- Achieve sales goals & targets. Responsibilities and Duties -Excellent communication and computing skills-The ability to get on with people at all levels and influence… Read More »Sales Executive

    Industry & Sectors

    Education & E-Learning Healthcare & Pharma Media & Advertising Entertainment Industry (Events, Exhibitions, Films) Real Estate Corporate Sector E-Commerce & Retails IT Companies, Network Administration, Computer Hardware & Software    Corporate Solutions Fulcrum Resources Pvt Ltd for over a decade now is well equipped with the domain expertise, cutting edge technologies and structured process flow… Read More »Industry & Sectors



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