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POS Displays & Promotional Campaigns

    Fulcrum can ensure maximal effectiveness of our clients promotional campaigns and POS displays.

    There are many advantages to working with us:

    • Our teams are managed locally but connected to our central repository via our award winning tablet deployment.
    • This means our team have excellent relationships with the store managers and colleagues and know the local colour. We know the space, know the product and know the people, allowing us to procure the best space in store to give any retail display stands or in-store promotions maximum impact and facilitate a successful campaign.
    • Our focus on data and analysis allows us to make considered recommendations in order to facilitate the best deployment for Floor Standing Display Units (FSDUs) in high footfall areas to interrupt the customer journey and maximise impulse purchases.
    • We adapt to the needs of each campaign and prioritise whatever is important, whether that be day one set up, overnight store refits, POS walk ins, POS audits or cyclical visits to ensure the right restocking levels for that store in that location at that time.

    We work so closely with our clients that we have people based within our client’s offices, we are an integrated part of their team and keep them updated in real time.

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