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Retail Merchandising

Everything you need for sales success

Our Collaborative effort with our clients is the key to successful work that transforms brand retail experiences.

Retail support services which offer a complete merchandising solution for all your retail inventory needs, which enables customers and staff to find the correct stock in the correct location.

We have one goal for every one of our customers – deliver exceptional customer service…and we have been doing just this for over 10 years. We know the majority of people are busy in the day to day of running their business and that is where their time should be spent. Our goal is to allow our clients to focus on the things that matter to keep their business running and we’ll handle all of the promotional products that make them look great. We pride ourselves on being an extension of our client’s teams and understanding their business, their customers and their goals. We will work together to identify the correct image and product to represent their company so that we can attract new customers, retain existing ones, and grow referrals.

We capitalize on our deep understanding of the retail landscape to deliver fully integrated and inviting customer-centric, in-store experiences.

In developing a comprehensive strategy, we will help you analyze your consumer behavior and articulate your in-store marketing goals.
Our powerful (and tireless!) creative service will bring that strategy to life.

On-Time, In-Full

End-to-end campaign management executes your merchandising with a 99.8% in-market on-time rate

Significant Savings

Our reverse auction bidding system secures initial savings of up to 30%, with ongoing 3-5%+ annual improvement

Faster Speed to Market

Our data-driven approach to merchandising execution identifies opportunities to improve your speed to market

Improved Visibility

Fulcrum integrates end-to-end, from sourcing to in-store execution, providing complete visibility & accountability

One Source for all your Retail Merchandising Needs

• Retail Brand Visibility
• Retail Merchandising
• Mystery Shopping & Store Audits
• In-Shop Sales Programs
• In-Shop Product Display
• Retail Activation & Events
• Sales Training
• Store Launches
• Channel Development
• Trade Marketing Campaigns
• Footfall Generation Campaigns
• Sampling

Retail Promotion & Campaign Execution

Starting with your annual calendar, our account teams are briefed on your vision and goals for each campaign, ensuring we’re completely aligned with your objectives. We build backward from your in-market dates to determine our deadlines for each execution milestone, delivering a 99.8% in-market on-time rate. Fulcrum Execution Technology tools strategically gather your forecasts against the campaign calendar before bidding out your marketing assets (displays, signage, branded merchandise and more).

Merchandising Workflow Optimization

Fulcrum implementation teams work with your marketing, agency, and other stakeholders to design an optimal workflow – identifying critical bottlenecks or failure points to ensure all stakeholders are aligned for success.

Smart Sourcing

Information from our execution technology is automatically fed into our reverse auction bidding environment of verified vendors. Reverse bidding reduces cost, typically driving up to 30% unit cost savings, helping your marketing budget go further. Because of the way we store and track this data, we can report on your productivity improvements, unit cost savings, corporate responsibility initiatives, and more with ease.

Managed Path to Market

You tell us where the finish line is, whether it’s direct to store, field teams, distributors, your own warehouses, or all of the above – we get it there. We also identify opportunities at every stage of execution to improve your speed to market.

In-Store Insights

Your merchandising can tell you more than you think, are you listening? Our Merchandising Technology team has a suite of solutions to help your POS answer questions about compliance and audience measurement or improve engagement. We analyze the data and use it to optimize future campaigns. Fulcrum also connects your marketing and field teams, creating feedback loops to align and improve execution.

Retail Marketing Strategy

Retail Marketing Strategy
Insights and analytics, QR and AR…With Fulcrum, you’ll answer the question, How will you engage your shoppers?

We capitalize on our deep understanding of the retail landscape to deliver fully integrated and inviting customer-centric, in-store experiences.

In developing a comprehensive strategy, we will help you analyze your consumer behavior and articulate your in-store marketing goals.
Our powerful (and tireless!) creative service will bring that strategy to life.

Field Merchandising.

Visual Merchandising
Selling + Stock Support
Training + Education
Merchandising Guidelines
Mystery Shopping
Showroom Setup

Creative Concepting & Design

Reimagination is our specialty.

Armed with the knowledge of what makes your shopper stop, look, sample and buy, we design meaningful and satisfying moments of customer engagement.

Our forward-thinking creative teams combine cutting-edge retail marketing design and research insights with over 10 years of experience in consumer behavior to form effective shopper experience campaigns in store and online.

Creative Studio.

Brand Strategy
Store Design
Offices + Showrooms
Fixture Design
Exhibitions + Events
Site Surveys
Branding + Marketing
Build + Install
Architecture + Interior Design

Manufacturing & Production

Whether the assignment is a single display or a global rollout, our production team transforms concepts into multi-dimensional realities.

Branding requires two things: dynamism and teamwork. We want to help you find the right solutions for your marketing needs with our print and digital production services.

From the value engineering performed by our manufacturing and production specialists (who source the best, most cost-efficient materials and ensure the highest possible production standards) to prototyping, fabrication and final rollout, we produce your vision.

Inventory & Fulfillment

From our perspective, it’s not retail marketing service until the goods have been delivered—literally.

Receipt, consolidation, delivery—these are things you don’t have to think about when you partner with us. The Inventory Fulfillment Solutions (IFS) Team manages your inventory with care and efficiency.

Our  management center fields and fulfills tailored, complicated pick-and-packs and ships them worldwide, as well as stores your products for the short- and long-term in our warehouse. And our customer service center provides one-on-one assistance, whether you need flexibility in shipping complete or percentages of your order or need to plan and cost deliveries and shipments.

We will receive, verify, count, sort, document, control and track all of your materials—and we keep you updated every step of the way.


Shoppers crave meaningful, in-person interactions with retail brands. Give them what they long for, an enchanting world of retail pop-up, packed with fun, sensory experiences and haptic encounters. Increase brand awareness, drive sales and create memorable experiences that keep your brand name top of mind. Medallion Retail helps you do it all!

Retail & Pop-Up Operations.

Field Merchandising
Field Technology
Branding + Marketing
Build + Install
Architecture + Interior Design
Scout Locations
Marketing Support
Reporting + Analytics
Creative Design
Sales Ambassadors


Fully Promoted offers extensive branding and marketing services for businesses and organizations.

We create customizable campaigns with a wide variety of products such as Apparel, Promotional Products, Printed Materials and Lead Generation.

Amplify Your Brand In Ways That Surprise, Delight and Engage Your Customers

Your goal is our goal. See how our vision for experiential, retail displays and signage connects with your customers.

Why choose us?

Our strength lies in our ability to scale our resources to meet your requirements without compromising on service. We have a large flexible and multi-skilled labour force which enables our colleagues to undertake a variety of roles within the retail environment. What’s more, our regional mobilisation capabilities mean we can respond quickly to your crucial merchandising and store support needs.

Our ability to scale extends to the environments within which we work. We supply all types of merchandising and installation services in supermarkets, DIY, homeware shops, convenience and high street stores.


we work with most major retailers across the Mumbai and Pune by providing a range of merchandising services. These include store opening and refit support, stock management solutions, and range review management.

Our solutions deliver outstanding merchandising and store support that’s right first time, ensuring that product availability is maximised to increase footfall and sales in your stores.

We are a multi-service business and understand that our clients’ requirements are fluid, which is why we offer flexible and scalable solutions based solely on your unique requirements. We employ ethical and quality-driven working practices, employing highly trained retail merchandising teams that will bring both increased productivity and value to your stores.

We can support when the provision of merchandising personnel is critical in achieving your objectives. This is true whether you require large-scale merchandising labour supply or one-off merchandising visits; we have the resource, expertise, and flexibility nationwide.

Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.

Visual merchandising in retail is the display and promotion of products in a way that encourages sales. Retail visual merchandising also helps customers to find products easier and generally makes the shopping experience more appealing and enjoyable. It’s no wonder it’s known as the ‘silent salesperson.’ Great examples of visual merchandising in retail are those that have a positive effect on the customer experience and profits.

Retail merchandising involves organizing merchandise in an appealing way in order to engage and inspire shoppers to buy more items than they initially intended. The term covers everything from how merchandise is visually arranged in store, to how items are displayed to incite buyers to purchase add-ons, and how signage helps along the way. 

For clothing retailers, the arrangement and lighting of fitting rooms can also help to increase the likelihood of customers purchasing more items. Visual merchandisers are also tasked with analyzing all the behind-the-scenes data and understanding the principles of inventory management in order to work out what’s working and what’s not. 

Retail merchandising helps to encourage customers to shop in your store rather than a competitor’s. It’s an effective way of helping to convert more browsers or window shoppers into customers, by removing their confusion and helping them choose between multiple products more quickly. 

The better the merchandising and messaging, the less overwhelmed shoppers will feel, and the less likely it is that they will leave without purchasing. 

Just like SEO on web pages, when done well retail merchandising isn’t obvious. Shoppers should not notice it, but it should act to focus their attention. The lighting, for example, should draw them towards fixtures, while signage should make them curious to find out more. 

Good visual merchandisers also understand which colors are on trend and how to tie into them. They should also have knowledge about the importance of the supply chain, and of having fast-moving products rather than unprofitable dead stock. Merchandisers must also be creative and able to make shoppers feel excited by creating a sense of serendipity when people are browsing in a brick and mortar store. 

Having the following elements will provide a good basis for a merchandising plan:

  • A layout plan of the instore customer journey – how traffic should move through the store
  • A department plan that’s used to change store layouts according to season and holidays
  • A budget for lighting, signage, props, and fixtures
  • A merchandising planning system geared towards maximizing turn, limiting out-of-stocks, increasing margins, and minimizing markdowns
  • An ‘open-to-buy’ system with predictive analytics to determine the variety of merchandise shoppers have available

1. Start with the storefront

When shoppers arrive at your store they need to understand what to expect, so make sure the entrance is inviting and explain exactly what they will find when they enter. 

2. Get the directional signage in place

If someone is new to your store they need to know where they can find things, so use signage to ensure shoppers can easily navigate the space. Shoppers generally want to proceed clockwise throughout a store, so counterclockwise signage could be creating friction. 

3. Lighting

People like to shop in energetic and bright spaces, so make sure you light the store adequately. 

4. Create divisions

Visual barriers between departments can help to make the store appear more intimate. Interesting barriers and backdrops can help draw shoppers towards them. Also, make sure the relationship between your different displays are obvious. 

5. Set up a merchandising calendar

There are several aspects to a marketing plan from affiliate marketing to advertising. Similarly, there are various aspects to your merchandising plan (current promotions, new products, upcoming events, and reviews of previous plans). You must take those into account and adopt a full year calendar set up. This will help you keep abreast of holidays, seasons, local events, and promotions. 

Now we’ve covered some of the basics behind retail merchandising, let’s look at two crucial aspects: firstly, store displays and visual merchandising.

The success formula in retail is to sell as much merchandise as you can at the highest possible margin. Sounds simple, right? Most retailers agree with and operate their stores based on this principle. But it doesn’t mean retailers buy products they think will be good or simply merchandise they like for their store and give each a high mark-up. Retailers need to be much more strategic.

The six types of merchandise identified below play a specific and beneficial role to the profitability of a retail store. And any retailer who wants to survive in today’s marketplace needs to consistently carry all six types. Customer experience is impacted dramatically by your merchandising skills, and the six types listed here were identified as major customer experience enhancers.

Destination Merchandise

Why do customers come to your store? What product do you sell that motivates customers enough to pass two or three other stores to come to yours instead? This destination merchandise elevates you above the competition. It may be a product no one else sells or a product that’s far better than what your competitor sells. In many cases, it is a limited edition item. But even if it’s regular stock, what do you carry that your competition ignores? Think of it as your signature merchandise, or what you are known for.

Image Enhancers

This type of merchandise wows customers and heightens their impression of your business. All retailers should maintain a level of at least 10% of this type of merchandise as part of their overall inventory mix. Note that while customers are wowed by these products, they don’t necessarily buy them; which is why you want to keep the amount low and controllable. Image-enhancer merchandise is necessary to create the wow factor that generates word-of-mouth advertising among your customers.

Transaction Builders

When customers buy a transaction-builder item, they are required to purchase several more products to use it. For example, if someone buys a gallon of paint, they’ll need to buy a brush, a roller, a drop cloth, and all the other accessories required to use the paint. Therefore, the store owner can give a huge discount on the price of the paint and rely on the huge margins of the accessories. Look for ways to incorporate more transaction-building merchandise throughout your store. And consider bundles for these types of merchandise as well to help maintain your margins.

Training is a big part of making this type of merchandising work in your store. Make sure your employees know the strategy. Remember, an employee will sell the discounted paint and think they did a good job for having sold something. You need to educate them on the strategy and make sure they are using their selling skills to add on to the sale.

Traffic Builders

What merchandise do you carry that attracts customers to your store over and over again? What products do you carry that keep customers in your store longer? For example, if you are a convenience store, you would want to carry lottery tickets. While traffic builders are usually products, they might also be strong visual merchandising ideas features like an interactive display. These kinds of products and visual merchandising techniques create buying frenzies among consumers.

Profit Generators

This is the merchandise you sell with high margins. Of course, customers don’t define these products as “profit generators,” but they should always be included in the mix of merchandise you sell. Consider buying closeouts from your vendors so you can get higher margins, but still show a discount to the customer.

Turf Protectors

Retailers typically don’t enjoy carrying this type of merchandise, but they must in order to do business. For example, a travel stop may hate carrying diesel fuel needed by large trucks. They don’t make money on the fuel, they make money on the other products and services they offer in the store, like coffee, food, or showers. But no one will come into the store if the retailer doesn’t sell the diesel fuel. This is proof that the products you sell may not be products you personally like, so start thinking in terms of what will bring customers into your store.

Retail merchandising is a broad term used to designate a vast range of services which are closely connected to in-store marketing and sales strategies, revenue generation, and a lot more. Read on as we go deeper and elaborate on the top three reasons why retail merchandising is so important for the sector.

Improves Brand Impact Through Retail Compliance Audits and Surveys

Why Businesses Benefit from Retail Merchandising Services

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