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Stock Checking

    Fulcrum offer valuable front-line support to our retail clients through our stocktaking, stock checking & auditing services.

    Our nationwide network of locally managed teams have great relationships with their local stores and access to comprehensive store data via our system (our mobile data capture system).  They routinely conduct stock counts on both the shop floor and the backroom and dig into the issues that can arise.  Our teams get to the bottom of what’s going on –

    • Discrepancy between stock on-hand figures and what’s actually on shelf
    • Conducting gap counts against the planogram
    • Amending stock replenishment levels, system reorders,
    • Stock checking to identify issues with pilfering and knock on effects
    • Correcting stock files
    • Identifying issues with old stock/old catalogues
    • Investigating low stock levels
    • Issues between stock in backroom arriving on shelf

    Our central system is updated on site by our team, giving our client’s real time updates as these issues are investigated and uncovered.  The compliance data is also recorded and added to our reporting and analytics database so that the store’s performance is up to date and can be analysed by our analytics team in future circumstances.

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