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Educations & E-Learning

Software & Applications for Education & E-Learning
Education Industry has adopted the technology on the fastest pace and its relevance can be effectively understood by the type of services acquired by the education industry. In short if we say that the education industry is adopting so as to avail maximum benefit of the new upcoming technology. This has created dual benefit for the industry by adding convenience in teaching methodology and also on the student side the gathering of information, resources and relevant information is eased.

Moreover the platform which is now emerging for higher education and examination is totally on account of adoption of technology for easing the process of training, education and classes. This pattern of education is commonly termed as online education wherein the lectures and information is available online and the user need to study the modules in presence of the virtual trainer according to his own schedule and timing.

Fulcrum Group Conceptualizes, Plans and Executes Marketing and Promotion Campaigns for Schools, Instututes, Colleges, Universities and E-Learning Startups; Right from Planning out a Right Promotional Strategy to Social Media, Mobile Application, Ground Activation, ATL-BTL Campaigns, our experienced team handles not just the Branding Part but also ensures Right Footfall and Admissions.

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