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Manufacturing & Industries

    Manufacturing & Industries

    Owing to the emerging technologies world wide, the world manufacturing industry has geared up and has incorporated several new technologies. Economists consider the World manufacturing industry as a sector which generates a lot of wealth.

    Our practitioners possess deep competencies within each manufacturing segment and also leverage common skills and knowledge across the entire manufacturing portfolio. This approach enables us to tailor our solutions within each manufacturing industry segment, where needed, to maximize client relevance and impact and to deliver end-to- end solutions.

    Business Strategy & Management: Corporate strategy and profitable growth; Pricing strategy/management; Branding strategy; Innovation; Enterprise model design; Strategic enterprise cost management; Outsourcing and shared services strategy; Finance transformation; Enterprise risk and governance.
    Customer Engagement: Customer experience transformation; Service transformation; Sales and marketing strategy; Incentives strategy; Pricing strategy; Warranties; Aftermarket support; Dealer/distributor management.
    Product Development & Innovation: Product development transformation; Lean engineering; Value engineering; Product Lifecycle Management; Product data management.
    Supply Chain & Operations: Manufacturing and supply chain transformation; Product planning, forecasting and scheduling, Procurement and spend management; Internal operations and performance management; Logistics and distribution strategy, Location strategy.

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