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Media & Advertising

We help our clients to develop strategies to enhance their performance with clear articulation of their brand values.
We can provide expert consultancy and develop new marketable strategies. We find that clients are looking for assistance offering distinctive products, developing ways to accurately evaluate the return on investment from new media advertising, and finding better ways to meet the needs of advertisers. We help media companies improve the performance of their advertising by improving their effectiveness, smarter pricing and ensuring that value propositions are clearly articulated.

Digital Media
We help develop digital media strategies that reach more customers and gain competitive advantage. We help clients with the development of their digital businesses to enhance growth and drive sustainable revenue increases, across all media sectors. We help companies build a transformation roadmap to address the sometimes significant organizational and infrastructure challenges to becoming a digital leader.

We have dedicated digital media and digital marketing experts in more than 10 locations who offer clients comprehensive perspectives and hands-on support for a range of activities, including leveraging social media, conducting digital analytics, pursuing market research, and developing online strategies.

Business Operations
We help improve creative processes to help media and entertainment firms reduce operational costs. Many media and entertainment companies manage complex creative and distribution processes with substantial operational costs. We help clients apply effective, proven techniques to achieve significant operational performance improvements.

We help clients put in place lean systems for production, editorial processes, and business support functions that maintain quality and improve efficiency while delivering cost savings. Our consultants help facilitate the transition to new operating processes throughout the organization.

Media and entertainment businesses face challenges from the increasing pace of innovation in media production, the fragmentation of audiences, and rising marketing costs. We help companies make strategic use of technology and performance management systems to improve market and operating performance.

Corporate Strategy
We help media and entertainment companies develop and implement strategies that accelerate growth and improve top line profitability. Our corporate strategy teams take a top-management perspective, helping media and entertainment companies focus on critical issues that affect top-line growth and profitability.

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