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Startup Consulting

    Startup Consulting

    We at Fulcrum offers customised Consultancy, Legal or Compliance Advisory and Digital Marketing Startups and Small or Medium Sized Enterprise (SME or MSME). Business Plan and Business Strategy appears to be almost similar but both have a fundamental difference, we help the startups to move from Plan to Strategy, which closely bounds the Execution after the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) Analysis. Our Support and Consultant Advisory Panel helps them in Setting up Business Entity, Sales Analysis, Sales Planning, Opens Opportunity for Global Sales, Implement Work-Flow Process, Training Workshops, Performance Analysis and Calculating Business Projections. Market Analysis, Technology Advisory, Competition, Demand-Supply Projections and Trends Analysis are key factors which every startup must consider in their Business Plan.

    Business Operations
    We help improve creative processes to help media and entertainment firms reduce operational costs. Many media and entertainment companies manage complex creative and distribution processes with substantial operational costs. We help clients apply effective, proven techniques to achieve significant operational performance improvements.

    We help clients put in place lean systems for production, editorial processes, and business support functions that maintain quality and improve efficiency while delivering cost savings. Our consultants help facilitate the transition to new operating processes throughout the organization.

    Technology Upgradation
    We help our media and entertainment clients reduce IT spending by 15-20 percent, freeing up significant capital to invest in organizational or product improvements.

    Media and entertainment businesses face challenges from the increasing pace of innovation in media production, the fragmentation of audiences, and rising marketing costs. We help companies make strategic use of technology and performance management systems to improve market and operating performance.

    Corporate Strategy
    We help media and entertainment companies develop and implement strategies that accelerate growth and improve top line profitability. Our corporate strategy teams take a top-management perspective, helping media and entertainment companies focus on critical issues that affect top-line growth and profitability.

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