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Add Magic Brand Experience

3 Ways to Add Magic to a Brand Experience

Add Magic Brand Experience- When you think of the word experience, it’s not a group of promoters handing out samples around a pop-up stand. No, a brand experience is something that makes your consumer stop and become fully immersed in your brand – even if it’s just for a few minutes. It’s during that time that you have the phenomenal chance to change their mind, spark their loyalty or simply give them something amazing to talk about.So how do you build a successful brand experience? It’s all about sparking your consumer’s surprise and delight reactions. And at Matriarch we have a few tricks up our sleeve to do just that.

We’ve decided to share 3 of our favourite right here…



Appeal to all senses

It’s difficult to fully captivate someone’s attention when you don’t work hard to immerse them fully in an experience. To do that you need to draw all five of their senses into a break from reality.Most activations automatically tick the box for interesting visuals, but what about sounds? Or taste? Can you use touch to make them feel a certain way towards your brand?No truly good experience lives on one dimension, and the more of your consumer’s senses that you can captivate, the more attention they have on your brand for those precious moments.


Connect on a digital level

 Speaking of different dimensions, no experience should be isolated to just your consumer’s physical world. Add a social media connectivity to your activation that allows the experience to grow and be shared in the digital realm as well.You could also explore other online options to further the brand experience for your consumers. There’s nothing like a well placed remarketing campaign to let your consumers believe you must be some sort of magician.It’s important to remember that digital allows your brand experience to live on indefinitely, evolving along with your consumers. This allows you to offer your consumers an ongoing seamless brand experience whenever they seek you out.

Make it an interactive brand experience

With the world moving at such a fast pace, it might be more difficult than ever before to catch and keep someone’s attention – especially as a brand.This is why interaction is key for your experience to truly make an impact on your target market. When people are passive in an experience, they can be easily distracted and not take in anything from it. But get them to take part in the experience? That’s when you’ve actually affected their day, it’s something they themselves have done and they can’t help but start to form a connection with your brand.

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