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Discover the steps that are required to become an advertiser. While earning a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree can be helpful, it is not necessarily a requirement in order to become a successful advertiser. Completing an internship or taking an entry-level position can lead to success.

Advertising is a highly popular industry that involves many different facets, including traditional advertising, social media advertising, and marketing on email. A career in the advertising industry can be quite lucrative.

Every type of business, from small, local establishments to large, international corporations, rely on advertising as a way to get the services and products that they offer in front of the consumers that they intend to purchase them. Creating an ad campaign requires a great deal of knowledge, time, skill, and talent. Many business owners do not have the time or the know-how to develop, implement, and manage their advertising campaigns. Instead, they rely on professional advertisers to ensure that their message is delivered and the products and services they offer are getting in front of their targeted audience.

At one time, careers in advertising were limited to print, radio, and TV; however, advanced in technology have lead to increased opportunities in this industry, particularly in online media. If you are interested in becoming an advertiser, read more about what a career in this field entails and how to get started.

Career in Advertising at a Glance

At the most basic level, a professional advertiser develops, sells, analyzes and measures advertising campaigns for companies of all shapes and sizes and in all industries. There are several different roles in the advertising industry. The primary roles include:

Account executive. This advertising professional works directly with clients, researching their market, the services and products they offer, as well as their potential clients. Account executives create plans for clients. They also make sure ad campaigns are timely and on budget.

Account manager. Account managers work alongside account executives and also seek potential clients. They also keep track of and assess projects and manage account executives.

Account planner. An account planner collects information from clients, and that information is used to assist those who develop advertising strategies.

Copywriter. This individual creates the content that accompanies an ad campaign.

Art director. This professional produces the artistic elements of an ad campaign.

Media planner. Media planners work directly with clients, ensuring that marketing objectives are met and budgets are maintained.

Attaining a Career in Advertising

Though the steps that are involved with attaining a career in advertising vary, below is a general guideline of steps that you can take to effectively secure a position in this field.

Acquire a Bachelor’s Degree. Though it isn’t necessarily a requirement, earning a Bachelor’s degree in advertising is often the first step toward a career in advertising. Degrees for this field can include anything that is related to the field of advertising, such as marketing or communications. There are ample programs available that can lead to a degree, including traditional and online programs.

Become an intern. An internship with an advertising agency will allow you to gain the experience that is needed in order to become a successful advertiser and land a position in this field. As an intern, you can network with and develop relationships with established advertising professionals. Though an internship isn’t required, it can be extremely helpful. The connections you make through an internship can help you secure a position with an advertising agency.

Secure an entry-level position. Earning a degree or completing an internship will provide you with the qualifications that are necessary to secure an entry-level position in the advertising industry. Some common entry-level positions in this field include assistant account executive, assistant media planner, and junior copywriter. Through an entry-level position, you can learn even more about the field, hone your skills, and develop more relationships. If you prove yourself, you can work your way up the ranks, secure a higher position, and advance your career.

Establish yourself. Those who are the most successful in the field of advertising put great time and effort into establishing themselves. You can do this by specializing in a particular area, by continuing to develop your skills, taking additional courses, and networking with other advertising professionals. Advertising agencies and clients view those who have established themselves as reputable authorities in the field of advertising, and as such, these individuals are more likely to secure a successful career.
In Summary
The field of advertising is quite large, very varied, and offers ample opportunities. A career in advertising can be extremely lucrative and rewarding. Through education, experience, connections, and determination, you can attain a successful career in this field and become a highly reputable authority within the advertising industry.

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