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The Fulcrum Agency is the fastest-growing,  omni-channel Advertising agency in Mumbai.

We’re a Advertising agency that combines passion and insights and translates them into creative ideas built around strategic media buying. Our creative campaigns have the power to influence and persuade people. A brand with a purpose can change the way people feel or act, and we have the ability to give that purpose to your brand through our engaging campaigns.

Our team of fearlessly creative thinkers turns big ideas into expertly executed campaigns. And our experience across some of the most demanding industries – automotive, CPG, hospitality – ensures the latest key insights are at our fingertips.


It’s how people like to hear things, experience things and express things. Simply. Powerfully. Memorably. 



Not every brand wants or needs to be a leader. For those that do – whether they’re already on top or they’re looking for help to get there – TheFulcrum Agency offers a proven approach to Brand Elevation.

Creative provides consulting and workshops on Brand Elevation Strategy to help companies solve brand problems and compete at a higher level.


We question. We are forward looking. We reach farther to elevate our clients’ brands.


We sweat the details. We work efficiently and accurately. We inspire confidence in our clients and each other…and we are all accountable.


We work together. We’re part of a safe, inspirational place where great ideas can come alive.

What we will actually do for your brand depends on your unique challenges and business goals. But we’re guessing it will be one or more (or all) of our omni-channel capabilities, such as:















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Planned Advertising Campaigns


Direct Marketing has its own special advantage, particularly since door to door  marketing has now become oversaturated with certain target personas. By producing memorable items that have to pass through your potential customer’s hands, we deliver on-brand messages that are tailored to each client’s business goals.

By carefully targeting prospects with offers or promotional material, we know what it takes to make customers read your direct mail, rather than tossing it away.

We put our award-winning creative and copywriting to work to create mail pieces that will get your company’s name in the hands of mumbai, and national customers who want to hear about your latest products and services.


While print advertising isn’t what it used to be, it endures as a very viable part of many well-developed marketing campaigns. With so many added benefits, it can be one of the most powerful mediums for getting your message across to the right target persona.

By handpicking magazines and newspapers for niche audiences and creating engaging ads for your brand, we will provide tons of exposure in the New Jersey, in select markets, or nationally based on your geographic reach.

At Fulcrum, located right at home in Pune, Mumbai, we have extensive experience in the planning and buying of print media. We know that trustworthy print advertising generates commercial results and we work creatively and passionately to design ads that promote your business.


A proven form of effective advertising, radio advertising puts your message in front of thousands of captivated mumbai & national listeners.

We strategically place your message during peak listening hours, so ROI increases dramatically. We work closely with our clients from inception to completion to ensure that each and every message is on-brand and stands out from the pack.

A great message, an impactful radio spot and a well-defined strategy is all you need to drive sales with radio advertising. Let us get you the spot and create the message so that you don’t have to.

Outdoor advertising is one of the only remaining public and shared experiences for customers. If done well and placed right, it can be a powerful tool. At our outdoor advertising agency, we help boost brands by inspiring and motivating people through powerful out-of-home campaigns.

There’s almost nothing we can’t do. From billboards and digital screens to bus shelters and shopping malls, our vast portfolio and relationship network gives your brand the ability to reach your target market where they spend the most time.


The business of marketing revolves around storytelling. Despite the strength of the internet, Television remains one of the strongest mediums in  Households to effectively deliver these stories. We have extensive experience in the planning and buying of television media to get your business in front of your target persona.

TV advertising has the unique ability to reach a very large audience in a short amount of time. Combine this with strong, targeted creative and you have the recipe for a successful advertising effort both locally across the Metro  area, and nationally across the India.


A prominent type of outdoor advertising, billboard advertising is an effective way to get your brand in front of potential customers.

Our award-winning advertising agency creates outstanding billboards for our clients, while our media buying team ensures they receive the best deals on placement.

We’ll help you reach your target market with these ads and make them a prime opportunity for your business to be heard…er…seen. Although, with some new geo-fencing technologies even that is possible!


More than 40 million people connect to the Internet each month. We leverage this knowledge by using digital displays, or web banners, that are located on popular sites to deliver content to this vast number of people throughout your target market.

Our winning creative team will take a deep dive into your brand and ideal customers and emerge with a digital display that will get you clicks.


Your brand is the foundation of your business and we can help you to build this foundation, whether you know how you want to be perceived or not. We take the time to understand your business, your marketplace, and your people so that we can help you to develop or refine your position to the marketplace.

At Fulcrum, our  ad agency, we will carefully craft your messaging and your aesthetic to accelerate your business to the next level.

Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.


As the “face” of your company, a unique logo is an essential part of any company’s advertising strategy.

At our  advertising agency, we understand that this branding element is one of the most important representations of your company to the target market. Our creative team designs timeless logos for our clients that truly represent your brand regardless of the application.

We’ll make sure your logo is something to remember.


While we believe strongly in the strength of the digital space, ultimately successful business development relies on how well you communicate all that you have to offer. This will consequently depend on how well you create collateral items.

Let us strategically use these sales aids to enhance your brand, to make your sales efforts more effective and to build customer trust.

From brochures, newsletters and fact sheets to promotional material, press releases and information about employees we will prepare this information to keep your business competitive with others in MUMBAI, throughout the State Area, and anywhere you do business.


A well-designed package can make a world of difference for a business. An original creative package can make your product or service stand out while a boring package will make it blend in with the crowd.

At Fulcrum, located right here in mumbai, our creative design team creates packages for our clients that stand out from the crowd and diversify from competition.


Promotional materials are important components of your overall brand and are some of the easiest ways to deliver your brand’s vision to customers.

Our advertising agency in Mumbai knows and values the importance of promotional materials. We will provide valuable promotional content that resonates with your buyer personas and significantly increase your brand’s exposure.


Trade Shows remain among the strongest, and among our favorite marketing efforts for traditional business development. At The Fulcrum group, the design of an effective trade show booth is only the beginning.

We assist our clients by developing creative concepts to engage trade show attendees and convert those visitors to leads. From promotional table skirts to all other types of branded collateral, our award-winning creative team creates trade show booths and experiences that ensure results.

Our  advertising firm will showcase your brand in its best light, regardless of where in the country your trade show takes place.


We have become multi-taskers by design, not choice and organizations still putting all their marketing eggs into one “single-platform” basket will find it hard to be successful.

At our  advertising agency, we know that this era has passed and the era of using fully integrated campaigns across many channels is the only way to truly capture an increasingly distracted target audience.

By integrating social media and digital marketing, we will dramatically increase the reach of your campaigns as well as engagement of your potential customers.


Media Planning Strategic media planning and buying are two vital processes for a successful advertising campaign, and it’s one of the things our agency was built on.

Our experienced team works together to determine the best combination of media to achieve your company’s marketing campaign objectives and promote your business throughout , or anywhere you do business.


Hand in hand with media planning, our media buying team negotiates in order to receive the best possible value of price and placement for an advertisement.

We leverage our relationships with the key media owners to ensure our clients are aware of new opportunities and are receiving the most efficient deals to maximize their return on investment.

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